How to Receive More Questions and Money?
Make UpBreeze Connections
Connect to people you know and make new professional friends. A larger network boosts confidence and increases your priority for questions.
Invite friends to join UpBreeze
As you invite more friends, your priority increases. You receive more questions and potentially make more money. You decide what questions to answer.
Complete resume
A more complete resume helps UpBreeze direct more questions to you. Don’t forget that it also enables UpBreeze find you jobs and helps employers find you!
Enter all college courses, SAT, ACT, AP…
All your college courses, test scores, grades, and GPA help UpBreeze match you up with questions. UpBreeze examines transcripts and score reports to qualify you.
Upload face photo
Upload a face photo that best represents you. Students want to see their tutors.
Reduce your price
A lower price attracts more questions to you. It does not mean the qualify of your tutoring service would go down.
Why Invite Friends to join UpBreeze?
Use referral code
Use your personal referral code to invite a friend to join UpBreeze. You will both be rewarded.
You receive priority to answer questions
You receive more questions and therefore make more money as you invite more friends. You decide what questions to answer.
See whom you invite
You can see whom you have invited by clicking My Invitees.
* UpBreeze may vary this $ amount from time to time.
How to be Good UpBreeze Tutor?
Read question and offer carefully
Read the question and offer carefully to make sure you can answer and explain well. A high rating on you will reward you with more questions.
Claim question and respond promptly
Claim the question only if you believe you can promptly help the student. Prompt responses will reward you with more questions.
Explain, not do
Explain as you help the student interactively. Most students do not want you to simply do the work for them. Your ability to explain clearly will reward you with more questions.
Update availability status
Update your status as soon as your availability changes. Questions are directed to you only when you are available. Accurate availability status will reward you with more questions.
Be friendly and patient
UpBreeze Tutors are here to help students who may be frustrated with their homework and tests. Your kindness and patience will reward you with more questions.