What do Students do?
Ask Question
Ask any question, and specify the course or subject. Make your price offer. Tell UpBreeze the type of Tutors you want to find.
Accept Tutor
Review the profile of the Tutor offering to answer your question. You have up to 60 seconds to cancel the question.
Discuss with Tutor
Discuss with Tutor interactively. Let Tutor explain and help you understand so that you can answer the question yourself.
Rate Tutor
Rate the Tutor when the discussion finishes. Help us build a community that benefits every student. You will be given a chance to reject a poor discussion and get refunds.
What do Tutors do?
Indicate Availability
Let UpBreeze know that you are available to answer questions.
Receive Alerts
UpBreeze alerts you when a student asks a question that may fit your profile.
Claim Question
Claim the question after examining the student’s question, price, and profile. No other Tutors can answer this question unless your answer is rejected or the question is cancelled.
Tutor Question
Give student help interactively so that they can figure out the answer. You will be rated by the student.
Receive Credits
Receive price credits offered by student. You will be paid every 1st and 16th of the month (except holidays)