UpBreeze Announces JobBot to Help Students Find Jobs & Summer Internships

Students Click Once Only to Apply to Any Job or Internship


UpBreeze, a leading social-professional platform for college and university students, today announced the launch of JobBot, its latest innovation that empowers students to apply for jobs and internships within seconds, significantly faster than before.


One-click to apply to any jobs or internships.  Students do not need to fill out tedious application forms.



Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, JobBot presents to the student a wide variety of jobs and internships that are relevant to the student.  When the student clicks “1-Click Apply”, JobBot takes care of the unexciting application process. 


A job application form can be lengthy and tedious and it may take the student well over half an hour to complete.  JobBot relieves the student’s pain and reduces the student’s long and slow application process to one easy click.  It completes a wide variety of mundane job applications demanded by employers, ranging from large international conglomerates to local small firms.


With arrival of the summer, applying for jobs and internships is a breeze.


“Jobs and internships are only one click away.  JobBot makes it easy for students to apply,” said Dr. Zachary Leung, CEO of UpBreeze.  Dr. Leung is a machine-learning scientist-entrepreneur.  He received his PhD from MIT, which is believed by many as the hometown of artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Many students today spend a great amount of time to search for jobs and internships.  When they find something that they are interested in, they would spend even more time to fill out the extensive application form.  “Finding a job or internship has been a double-whammy for many busy students.  UpBreeze’s goal is to streamline this unexciting process.  Help students find dream jobs and internships and help recruiters find ideal candidates.”


About UpBreeze.com


UpBreeze is a social-professional network for university and college students, helping them to grow vertically and horizontally.  Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies, UpBreeze helps students to find jobs and internships like a breeze, to get into universities, to mentor or tutor other students, and to network with students across many universities and colleges.  For company info, see www.upbreeze.com.