Nurse Practitioner Acute
Trenton, NJ
Job Description


Position ID#10735


  • Performs assessment of patients to identify priority care needs. Documents patient assessment and teaching and learning needs. Obtains detailed nursing history and identifies patients at physiologic and psychological risk. Consults with interdisciplinary team regarding patient assessment findings.
  • Performs procedures necessary to implement plan of care based on care standards and protocols.
  • Develops plan of care across the continuum and exercises discretion and judgement when revising based on physiologic and psychosocial findings. Orders tests and consults as required by plan of care and reviews test results. Reviews patient plan of care with interdisciplinary team. Discusses plan with patient and family.
  • Documents all patient care activities as per documentation standards. Evaluates outcomes of documentation and contributes to performance improvement initiatives through medical record review.
  • Serves as a change agent by implementing practice initiatives. Coordinates patient care activities to maximize patient outcomes.
  • Facilitates the assessment of patients learning needs and outcomes measures of patient education, accesses resources from all disciplines to achieve patient outcomes.
  • Facilitates communication among departments to ensure continuity of care. Acts as a primary resource to patient care team. Identifies, provides, develops, and maintains learning resources for patient care team.
  • Leads a quality improvement process. Recognizes trends in patient populations and explores alternatives to care and assist in the revision of standards, guidelines, and protocols. Analyzes practices that contribute to variance, draws conclusions from aggregate data, identifies resources to assist in variance analysis, and assists with drawing conclusions from aggregate data.
  • Assists in the development and revision of standards for patient populations incorporating a interdisciplinary approach and utilizing best practices and research findings. Develops and revises patient education programs and evaluates effectiveness of learning. Participates in clinical research and reviews current nursing research literature and demonstrates application to clinical practice.
  • Recognizes behaviors that impact the team function and implements strategies to optimize teamwork and serves as a mentor for team members. Seeks leadership opportunities and facilitates leadership development among colleagues. Collaborates in the development and implementation of educational plan for identified needs.
  • Reviews self development plan and professional goals and seeks new knowledge toward the progression of professional goals. Demonstrates evidence of self development by participating in educational programs. Provides educational programs to advance performance levels of staff.


  • Bachelor's degree in nursing and Master's degree in advanced clinical practice or graduate of post Master's certificate program for nurse practitioner.
  • Advanced Practice Nurse - NJ License

  • Frequent physical demands include: Sitting , Standing

    Occasional physical demands include: Walking , Climbing (e.g., stairs or ladders) , Carry objects , Push/Pull , Twisting , Bending , Reaching forward , Squat/kneel/crawl , Wrist position deviation , Pinching/fine motor activities , Keyboard use/repetitive motion , Talk or Hear

    Continuous physical demands include: Taste or Smell

    Lifting Floor to Waist 20 lbs. Lifting Waist Level and Above 0 lbs.
Job Type Part Time