Mammography Technologist - Radiology Imaging
Fort Wright, KY
Job Description

Title: Mammography Technologist

Shift: Part-Time, Days

This position will be located in the Ft. Wright Radiology Imaging Center at 1955 Dixie Highway, Ft. Wright, KY 41011.

Job Overview: Operate mammography equipment to produce optimal breast images in compliance with TCH Imaging standards and regulatory bodies. To complete documentation in a timely manner. To produce quality images to present to the radiobiologist for interpretation and be able to function independently with minimal supervision.

The Mammography Technologist may perform the following duties:

  • Clinical Responsibility:
    • Is responsible for maintaining proficiency in mammography in compliance with American College of Radiology and MQSA standards, following departmental policy and procedures as defined by TCH Women's Imaging Center, which includes current licensure. Obtains high quality mammograms within the 94% threshold as defined by the Technologist Proficiency Assessment indicators of positioning, labeling, history sheet completion and procedure protocol.
    • Strives to use the lowest radiation exposure on each patient by minimizing the number of repeats while still producing high quality images.
    • Protects self and all personnel from radiation exposure, following ALARA guidelines, utilizing radiation safety protective measures and wearing film badges to monitor personal exposure.
    • Follows Radiology standards and policies and procedures. Focus on customer service standards
    • Maintains a working knowledge of chemical supplies, keeping the mammography room and equipment clean and stocked. Reports any mechanical problems to the supervisor and works with service (vendors and/or in-house staff) as needed to maintain equipment.
    • Documents on patient history sheet pertinent patient information such as scars, moles, location of lumps, etc.
    • Knowledge and ability to perform quality control procedures.
    • Breast Self-Exam Education: answers questions or refers patient to someone who can answer; provides pamphlet and/or shower card.
  • Communication/Customer Service Responsibilities:
    • Greets patient by introducing self and asking patient to verify their name and birthdate.
    • Takes pertinent patient history. Reviews order for procedure and any other documentation (if applicable) and completed questionnaire.
    • Explain procedure to the patient and solicits questions to assure understanding.
    • Is proactive in anticipating needs of the patient, keeps patient and family informed of delays, answers questions and responds appropriately to concerns following up on issues or contacting someone who can.
    • Communicates with all customers, coworkers, physicians and their office staff in a professional manner respecting differences.
    • Adheres to all hospital/imaging center policies and Excel core values striving to exceed expectations in quality, safety and customer service.
  • General Department Accountability:
    • Maintains knowledge and skills to perform duties and stay current with changes as they occur by attending 75% of all department and technical meetings. Participates in department in-services and reviews memos, emails and bulletins for areas of responsibility.
    • Works to accommodate patients scheduling needs; to best to utilize personnel and equipment while maintaining quality. Works cooperatively with staff in all modalities assisting as needed. Works cooperatively with reception staff to assist when needed. Is willing to become multi-modality trained.
    • Keeps rooms stocked and equipment cleaned according to department standards.
    • Performs other duties as required or directed.
    • Reports all equipment problems to manager and keeps coworkers informed of status. Properly uses and maintains equipment utilizing safety techniques. Is proactive in identifying issues and works to get them resolved in a timely manner.
    • Adheres to time and attendance policy and discusses any variation from the schedule with manager.
    • Maintains appropriate credentials (ODH and ARRT) and submits within 30 days of expiration.
    • Demonstrates willingness to assist in departmental changes to improve workflow and learn new functions and duties as needed to keep section viable.
  • Patient Safety Responsibility: Radiation and General Safety
    • Utilizes appropriate radiation reducing techniques that do not compromise high quality images.
    • Protects patients, self and all other personnel from radiation exposure.
    • Wears and stores dosimeter appropriately, switching out quarterly and in a timely manner.
    • Uses appropriate devices for moving patients to protect the patient as well as yourself.
    • Observe patient and assists as necessary to minimize risk of falls or other injury.
    • Adheres to National Patient Safety Goals including but not limited to appropriate hand washing, proper identification of patients, labeling containers, meds administration etc.
    • Complies with all HIPAA requirements, maintaining privacy and confidentiality
    • Understands and could execute policies and procedures in cases of medical emergency, fire, tornado's and other emergency situations.
  • Information Systems Responsibility:
    • Verifies all images are matched and linked in PACS.
    • Verifies completion of all documents, questionnaires, histories pertinent to the study being performed.
    • Maintains a working knowledge of all Information Systems, including but not limited to RIS and PACS.
    • Scans documents, enters data correctly, including contrast information when appropriate, tracks data correctly and in a timely manner.
    • Knows process and can perform task of burning images to a CD
  • Additional Clinical duties:
    • Performs bone densitometry exam including daily QC. Prepares exam for dictation by radiologist including analysis, rate of change, transmission to PACS, etc.
    • Performs routine x-ray exams according to the Imaging Services protocols.
  • Additional Tasks/Responsibilities:
    • Access to patient records in course of normal operations to conduct the business of medical imaging is a responsibility of all designated personnel. Access of records is limited only to records that are pertinent to the patients care or regulatory requirements and only occur when necessary to carry out duties as part of the imaging team. Confidentiality and protection of all records is the responsibility of each individual. This access may occur for the reasons stated below:
      • Pre procedure in preparation for the scheduled exam
      • During the procedures in care of the patient
      • Post procedure to follow up on care,
      • To QA processes to insure data is correct
      • To conduct retrospective reviews for the purpose of education, research or for compliance to ODH, MQSA, ACR or other regulatory requirements
      • To respond to daily calls from patients, other departments, physicians or Physician's offices requesting us to access records to review historical procedure record.
    • Documentation of access must occur where appropriate and feasible in log form, comments in EPIC, HIM or McKesson or other available media/format.
  • For further guidance, refer to the following TCH Policies.
  • Policy Number 2.26.153 Access to Protected Health Information.
  • Policy Number 2.26.133 Employee Access to his or Her Own Protected Health Information

Education: Graduate of accredited school of Radiology Technology.

License & Certification: Technologists must be board certified by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists in radiography and must be advanced certified in mammography within 1 years of employment if they do not already possess. They must also hold a valid Ohio license as Radiographer. CPR certification is required.

Experience: 1 year exp. in Mammography (as of 10/1/94 - FDA).

Required Skills & Knowledge:

  • Knowledge and skill of operation of mammography equipment and ultrasound equipment to produce quality examinations.
  • Knowledge of sterile technique.
  • 15 C.E. hours in Mammography required (prior to 1/1/94 - ACR)
  • 5 C.E. hours in Mammography required each year after 1/1/94 OR 15 C.E. hours within a three year period.
  • Knowledge and skill to specific general diagnostic xray procedure.

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Job Type Part Time