General Engineer
Beckley, WV
Job Description



    The incumbent has a dual role of responsibilities and functions as a Project/Resident Engineer on delegated construction projects. Under the general direction of the Project Section Chief, the incumbent serves as a General Engineer responsible for the engineering analysis, development, design of and the preparation of complete plans and specifications for new work and improvements.


    Duties include but not limited to:

    Performs electrical, mechanical, civil, and utility designs/layouts, complete with specifications
    Evaluates and/or recommends the work of architectural/engineering (A/E) firms
    Reviews A/E drawings for fire, safety, OSHA, and other external reviewing authority standards to assure compliance with all applicable requirements
    Shows ingenuity and creative thinking in revising existing systems for different functions as required for new applications, and incorporating new systems
    Develops and prepares cost estimates for competitive bidding for a variety of multi-complex construction projects which define types and quantities of equipment, materials, labor costs, overhead, tax, profit, and other costs.
    Responsible for all drawings related to assigned projects
    Checks and analyzes submitted drawings of contractors for completeness, correctness, and compliance with contract specifications and drawings
    Responsible for maintaining complete, accurate and up-to-date records, plans and specifications of all systems and equipment installed during a project
    Supports and works closely with Maintenance and Repair Section to assist in the accomplishment of task/s by providing pertinent plans, specifications and engineering consultation
    Coordinate and maintain liaison with organizations having related assignments, other medical centers, VISN, other agencies, contractors, utility companies, state and local government authorities, and the general public
    Coordinates contract work with using services and associated services
    Coordinates and conducts project planning meetings
    Incumbent will also interact with state historic preservation societies, state nursing home officials, veterans affairs peer review groups and authorities having jurisdiction such as city and county fire marshals and inspectors of various disciplines for off-site leased/acquired spaces
    Participates in final on-site inspection
    Performs field surveys and investigations to collect data to determine existing conditions and the extent of construction and repair required to provide services or facilities to meet anticipated needs
    Studies contract plans and specifications examining details to gain familiarity with and knowledge of planned construction. Reviews shop drawings, schedules layouts, and inspects all work, workmanship, materials, and equipment installed for quality control and conformance to contract documents
    Investigates a variety of problems which contractors or subcontractors experiences in construction
    Reviews contractors' cost proposals for contemplated changes in work to ensure quality control and adequacy of contractors' operations. Notes and records deficiencies; confers with contractors to obtain corrective action, and inspects corrections

    Work Schedule: Full-Time, Monday - Friday, 8am to 4:30pm
    Position Description Title/PD#: General Engineer/ 2869

    Physical Requirements: The duties of the position require visits to all areas of the medical center environment. Physical agility and manual dexterity are essential in that the incumbent must be able to climb, lift, push, balance, stoop, kneel, crouch, crawl, reach, and work in close quarters during project inspections and gathering of project design information. Inspections of hazardous environments require the use of respirators and protective clothing. Incumbent spends a significant portion of each day conducting field inspections; may often be required to personally oversee delicate or dangerous work in the field for long hours each day, such as overhead crane work, confined space entry, excavation and trenching, and high voltage field connections. The incumbent usually works indoors in an office environment, although there are frequent visits to construction sites. The incumbent is often required to work and conduct field inspections inside and outside, at high elevation (above 100 feet), such as: roof tops, roof-top HVAC equipment, antennae and satellite arrays, water towers, etc. Furthermore, the incumbent often works with confined space entry projects, such as: boiler projects, manholes for electric/water/sewer, underground storage tanks, and other safety-restricted areas. Inspections are conducted under buildings, and in areas which are often dirty, dusty, greasy, hot, cold, damp, and unsanitary. Inspections are performed in hazardous environments comprised of asbestos containing materials and lead paint. There is also potential exposure to high voltage, high noise levels, ultra-violet and x-ray radiation, and the possibility of broken bones, electrical shock, burns, cuts, and bruises.

    Promotion Potential: The selectee may be promoted to the full performance level without further competition when all regulatory, qualification, and performance requirements are met. Selection at a lower grade level does not guarantee promotion to the full performance level.

    Job Type Part Time