Medical Technologist (Microbiology/Immunology)
Kansas City, MO
Job Description



    This position develops, performs, evaluates, interprets, correlates, and validates the accuracy of laboratory procedures and results. Testing procedures are performed on a variety of biological specimens using manual or automated techniques, including organizing and setting priorities with minimal technical supervisor. The work performed is in the microbiology/immunology section at the Kansas City VA Medical Center


    The duties and responsibilities of the Medical Technologist-Microbiology/Immunology includes but is not limited to the following:
    • Performs routine, non-routine, and specialized test procedures in each sub-unit of the section (routine microbiology, mycobacteriology, parasitology, mycology, immunology, enzyme immunoassays, and molecular pathology).
    • Performs requested procedures, taking into consideration disease states or conditions affecting testing.
    • Prepares microbiology specimens for initial processing on appropriate culture media to insure satisfactory cultivation and identification of both aerobic and anaerobic microbial agents.
    • Prepares and process clinical specimens and carries out a variety of procedures in immunology, immunopathology and infectious disease serology such as flocculation, agglutination, enzyme-immunoassays, immunofluorescence, and molecular pathology (PCR).
    - Carries out selected biochemical and immunological test procedures, in a logical sequence to insure correct identification of microbial specifies, in a timely manner.- Performs qualitative and quantitative antibiotic susceptibility testing of microbial isolates
    • Prepares and evaluates the suitability of reagents, readies the equipment to be used, verifying instrument functions by utilizing electronic standards, chemical standards, and controls, performs test and evaluates the results of a variety of complex procedures. Selects, performs, evaluates, and monitors the performance of non-routine and specialized test procedures using manual and/or automated techniques in accordance with established protocols. Recognizes and reacts to indicators of malfunction; locates and implements corrections.
    • Examines instrument function, rechecks conditions of test performance, evaluated reaction systems and/or procedural technique utilized, and provides solutions/repairs based on symptoms.
    • Performs necessary quality control, analytic measurement range (AMR), calibration and calibration verification testing of all instruments, stains, media and reagents.
    • Maintains adequate records of procedures carried out, results obtained, and logging in of specimens.
    • Performs computer functions/operations as required to report patient test results and other pertinent laboratory data. Maintains permanent records of tests, standards, controls, etc., for reference and statistical purposes. Documents anything unusual in any of these categories ( e.g., quality control data, reports of critical calls, critical values, etc)
    • Monitors the quality control system for equipment, reagents and test protocols. Evaluates results (interprets quality control patterns and trends) and implements corrective action when indicated. Ensures timely and thorough evaluation of data, ensures discrepancies are identified and attended. Obtains data and complies with the practices, procedures and techniques described in the quality assurance plan. Adheres to quality control measures, suggests new or revised methods of control and of collecting and evaluating quality control data.
    • Maintains statistics for percent normal vs abnormal findings and comparative studies performed, for molecular pathology testing.
    • Solves testing problems, develops new solutions to testing problems, and performs newer/more complex tests and examinations.
    • Participates in the performance of quality assurance programs, such as College of American Pathologists proficiency testing surveys, in order to maintain accreditation. Corrects deficiencies promptly.
    • Advises physicians, nurses, medical students and other hospital personnel as to the proper specimen ordering, interpretation of laboratory test results and critical values.
    • Pursues accepted aseptic laboratory techniques, proper disposal ofbiohazard material and decontamination procedures.
    • Instructs medicine and pathology residents and infectious disease fellows as to principles and practice of clinical microbiology and clinical immunology
    • Processes completely and accurately an laboratory data in order to complete patient reports, including (1) Accession patient specimens accurately and according to laboratory policy, (2) Verify patient results accurately via computer and/or manual procedures, (3) Log rejected specimens according to laboratory/departmental policy,(4) Delete accessions according to laboratory policy.
    • Maintains professional currency by subscribing to professional journals, attending professional seminars and participating in professional conferences or training.

    Work Schedule: 7:30am - 4:00 pm with rotating holidays and weekends
    Fi nancial Disclosure Report: Not required
    Job Type Full-time