Impedance Spectroscopy of Conductive Polymers in Various Gas Phase Environments.
Richmond, VA
Job Description

The Intern: Best suited for a completing College Junior or completing College Senior who has a confirmed interest in graduate school and an interest in materials/polymer science/chemistry, electrochemistry, surface science, sensors or materials testing.

The Project: Study the performance of inherently conductive polymer thin films that are used for the detection and measurement of various volatile organic vapors. The detection and measurement of gases and vapors of concern is an important requirement for occupational health and environmental monitoring. Developing new classes of smart, highly responsive, highly reversible materials as sensory elements for VOC monitoring is a major area of research that draws on a multiplicity of skills and knowledge. You will study important materials properties, such as, electrical conductivity (I/V), electrical impedance spectroscopy (EIS), and adhesion of these novel sensory membranes under various test conditions, such as exposure to gases and vapors.

Job Type Full-time