Coordinator of Career Services for Financial Mathematics
Raleigh, NC
Job Description

Financial Mathematics at NC State University is a top-ranked program with a strong reputation for highly qualified students from the United States and the abroad. Financial Mathematics is housed within the College of Sciences together with the Department of Mathematics at NC State University. It's is a dynamic organization featuring high-quality teaching, research and public service.

The program reaches beyond the traditional classroom to provide the best educational opportunities for our students-whether in a campus facility outfitted with the latest instructional technologies, or at other financial companies. Students in the program enjoy a close-knit, small school atmosphere with the full resources of a leading research university.

The Department of Mathematics at NC State University has a long tradition of excellent teaching and a supportive environment for students are paired with cutting-edge research across a broad spectrum of mathematics and its applications. Many members of the department participate in interdisciplinary programs and research groups on campus and in the broader Research Triangle community. Research strengths of the Department include the core mathematical areas of algebra, topology, and geometry, especially their connections to combinatorics, symbolic computation, and mathematical physics; core areas of applied mathematics, including matrix analysis, numerical analysis, scientific computation, probability, optimal control, ordinary, partial, and stochastic differential equations, and dynamical systems; and applications of mathematics to biology, finance, and industrial problems.

Essential Job Duties
Job Type Full-time