Lead Maintenance Mechanic
Memphis, TN
Job Description

Job Description

Mauser Packaging Solutions is a global leader in solutions and services across the packaging lifecycle, providing large and small metal, plastic, fiber and hybrid packaging worldwide to companies in industries from food, beverage, personal care and pharmaceuticals to chemicals, petrochemicals, agrochemicals and paints. Bringing together the very best of its four legacy companies - BWAY, MAUSER Group, NCG and ICS - Mauser Packaging Solutions offers its customers true sustainability at scale.

Job Summary

The Maintenance Lead will lead the shift team members for their area, in terms of people, production and improvement responsibilities. Monitor machine performance including downtime and output percent of equipment. Assist the Manager of Engineering and Maintenance in maintaining and scheduling mechanic assignments and project work. Oversee the repair and maintenance of all equipment.

Essential Functions

  • Rigorously apply safety standards, ensure all team members actively adhere to safety standards and identify any potential risks in their area.
  • Ensure 6S standards are applied and encourage team members to use them for continuous improvement of their working environment.
  • Communicate to all team members daily on previous shift performance and priorities for the coming shift, and actively encourage strong teamwork to achieve them.
  • Follow, without exception, all work instructions and safety policies, including use of all PPE and safety equipment
  • Examine machine controls to install plate changeovers and start up machines for production needs when required
  • Perform routine preventive maintenance checks on all production equipment and machinery
  • Repair basic mechanical components and replace parts on machines such as bearings, filters, wiring, valves, gauges and switches
  • Observe and listen to mechanical devices in operation to locate causes of problem
  • Dismantle devices to gain access to and remove defective parts
  • Adjust functional parts of devices and control instruments
  • Inspect used parts to determine changes in dimensional requirements
  • Lubricate and clean machinery and support equipment to maintain housekeeping and preventive maintenance standards within the plant
  • Document and track changeover times and record
  • Accomplish all work orders to maintain safety; reduce downtime; decrease scrap; improve quality production; and improve plant efficiency
  • Follows all safety rules and procedures including Lockout/Tagout program, housekeeping, and 5S standards and observes the operations to insure a safe work environment
  • Perform other related duties as assigned
  • Schedule mechanics work assignments and project work
  • Schedule and monitor machinery repairs and rebuilds
  • Ensure all work orders are inputted into E Maintenance for equipment is always to date and accurate
  • Work with machine builders and parts room on all repair parts and order parts when needed
  • Ensure that all maintenance areas are organized and clean
  • Assist in training of new mechanics
  • Perform other related duties as determined by management
  • Attendance is an essential function of the job
  • Must be at the workstation at the beginning of the shift
  • Must assist with skills improvement for all mechanic levels

Job Qualifications

  • Technical School graduate preferred or must have an equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Proven organization capability to prepare, communicate and monitor the implementation of plans in detail and interact well with others.
  • Strong interpersonal skills with the willingness and ability to treat team members with respect, communicate clearly, listen and coach. Ability to work in a professional manner under stress is required.
  • Prior experience of working in a Production Floor environment, with a minimum of 2 years in manufacturing.
  • Strong mechanical aptitude and ability to troubleshoot equipment.
  • Basic literacy and numeracy, including ablility to read, write and speak English.
  • Must be able to work in mechanically oriented situations, following instructions of a supervisor, and/or department mechanic.
  • Must understand and apply safety precautions used with hand and power tools
Job Type Full-time