Residency Program Coordinator, Emergency Medicine
Detroit, MI
Job Description

Oversee program operations to ensure all academic, administrative and compliance requirements for the residency program are adhered to. Work directly with the Graduate Medical Education Department at the DMC to manage the resident rotations over a three year residency, oversees academic milestones, interfaces with the ACGME and the RRC and completes the PIF and all other required documentation to maintain accreditation. Support the needs of the residents and provides guidance as needed.

Provide analysis and operational support in the accreditation and strategic planning process for the residency program in the Department of Emergency Medicine at the Wayne State School of Medicine. Monitor and recommend improvements to the education process to meet the established standards for function, structure and performance in the medical education program leading to residency certification.

Coordinate the development of budgeting/funding support programs, monitor program costs and the analysis of resources, equipment and services utilized. Plan, develop and implement program strategies. Research and identify program needs and propose and engage in change where appropriate as they impact specific program objectives. Oversee and coordinate needs assessment and related cost/benefit analysis; provide independent direction in executing and attaining program objectives and enhancing services offered.

Serve as primary technical and administrative resource and provide responsible program management interfacing with University and DMC personnel and outside professional, client and constituent groups. Provide consultative service and disseminate information relative to program objectives and activities. Oversee and participate in special research on operational programs. Prepare program proposals and specifications.

The coordinator will help support the strategic planning process, reporting to the Program Director and the Chair of Emergency Medicine.

Serve as key technical specialist and/or consultant responding to inquiries which necessitate complex problem resolution techniques. Keep abreast of technical and administrative developments and integrate such in the specific operational activities, services and mission of assigned area. Participate in related professional organizations and represent and enhance the assigned organizational area on various committees or task forces to promote program services, activities and initiatives.

Manage the day to day processes of the ACGME and RRC to ensure continuing accreditation of the Emergency Medicine residency. Provide strategy formulation, strategic plans execution, and strategic process improvement initiatives.

Gather, organize, filter and store data for effective decision-making in the accreditation and strategic planning process. Coordinate the development of program materials; conduct individual and group presentations.

Analyze performance, data trends and their impact on education processes, as well as initiate special studies to improve the education process. Make recommendations based on research and best practices to improve curriculum and work processes.

Manage and coordinate the ACGME and RRC accreditation and strategic planning performance improvement initiatives. Monitor and respond to changes in the accreditation process.

Job Type Full-time