ELS Field Technician -BHS
Carrollton, TX
Job Description


The Field Technician of BHS will act as a Subject Matter Expert in the support of the maintenance responsibilities for the company's Baggage Handling System contracts at multiple airport locations across the country. The role is instrumental in he delivery of technical services to meet the needs of temporary outstation projects and within our permanent contract projects. The key goal of this role it to advance the companies technical resources through providing hands on technical services where needed and to increase our field's technical abilities. The position will be required to perform quality technical services that ELS expects from all our technicians as well as to identify any corrective actions and suggest improvements to policy and procedure. Goal setting and communication in the role is instrumental in assisting operations that consistently develop and employ best practices regardless of location and achieve exceptional performance results when measured against recognized industry leading performance measures. The role will coordinate with the Senior Director of Operations and the Regional Managers to ensure support is scheduled at locations as required. The position will help new employees acclimate to the specific equipment to achieve fundamental troubleshooting and maintenance requirements for the BHS systems in their care. The position will provide hands on training to multiples technical positions and must have excellent understanding of the tasks necessary in the maintenance and operation of BHS including, but not limited to mechanical and electrical components of all types of conveyor belts, diverters and pushers, vertical sortation units, and PLC equipment. This will be inclusive of preventative maintenance, causes of operational problems, deficiency inspections and reporting, PLC's, VFD's and all other electrical systems required to run automated BHS systems.


  • Excellent knowledge in the field of Baggage Handling maintenance, situational leadership, and technical aptitude.
  • Will take responsibility to safely and efficiently complete all technical field assignments.
  • Will advance the skillset that supports technical staff development and the maintenance needs of the company's contracted BHS programs.
  • Provide hands on training at operations as required, specific to the equipment types and local needs.
  • Support Operations team by working in a safe, customer-focused manner.
  • Must be self-motivated and customer centric.
  • Will use software platforms (CMMS) to document all work being completed to include the use of labor and parts.
  • Assess risk at individual programs and where necessary recommend programs that protect operations from the loss of tribal and local knowledge by building information packages to capture experience and technical know-how that can be efficiently transferred to new employees.
  • Handle multiple internal and external projects and daily activities, manage to and meet deadlines, and develop and track plans on how to accomplish departmental goals.
  • Work with local site and central Safety department leadership to understand, implement, and audit safety programs. Ensure that all safety programs and procedures are followed.
  • Maintain and improve preventative maintenance programs and good working relationships with operations leadership and our field teams.
  • Must have the ability to provide specific, enriched feedback to enhance individual performance.
  • Perform additional duties/assignments required by management from time to time.
  • Ability to work a flexible schedule.
  • Be available to support emergency service calls out of town for malfunctioning equipment both by phone and can quickly deploy on site visits.
  • Complies with all company and federally established policies and procedures
  • Utilizes a computer to perform a variety of communications, training and administrative processes.
  • Completes forms connected with work assignments according to established procedures.
  • Completes all ELSU safety training as assigned by the Company.
  • Compliance with all ELS safety programs, policies and procedures.
  • Perform additional duties/assignments that may be required by management from time to time.


Job Type Full-time