AmeriCorps Youth Education Specialist -Langley Park
Hyattsville, MD
Job Description

Position Name: AMERICORPS Youth Education Specialist

Number of individual AmeriCorps members serving in this position: The Program aims to recruit 2 (two) full-time AmeriCorps members to serve in Baltimore and 2 (two) full-time AmeriCorps members to serve in our Langley Park office.

Member Immediate Supervisor Name:

The Site Supervisor will provide day-to-day supervision and evaluate the AmeriCorps member's performance according to the Program policies and procedures.

CASA's Director of Education is the on-site supervisor at Langley Park. She can be reached at

CASA's Baltimore Services Manager is the on-site supervisor at Baltimore. He can be reached at

Position Start date:

The Program launch will be on September 3, 2019. If there are any position available after that day, members may start as agreed with the Program Supervisor. The real start date for each individual will be identified on the Service Agreement.

Position End Date: August 14, 2020

Days/ Hours of Service

Full-time AmeriCorps members' schedules are flexible but will serve approximately 40 hours per week.

If based on program needs part-time AmeriCorps members' are accepted after consent from the GOSV/CNCS, half-time member' schedules are flexible but will serve approximately 20 hours per week.

Regular service time will occur Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm. Some evening and weekend service is required.

Individual schedule is agreed by the AC member and the Program Supervisor at the beginning of the program. The schedule may be changed upon agreement, based on program- or member's need.

Host Sites. Locations:

Members will serve at one of the following locations:

CASA Langley Park: 8151 15th Avenue, Hyattsville, MD 20793

CASA Baltimore: 2224 East Fayette St. Baltimore, MD 21231

The main service location for each member will be identified on the individual Service Agreement.

Note: The CASA Office in Baltimore will be relocated to a brand new site during the service year. The new location is few blocks away from the current location.

Members may be asked to run activities at local schools.

CASA's Mission and goals.

To create a more just society by building power and improving the quality of life in working class and immigrant communities.

Project Mission and Goals: The Escalera program seeks to improve high school graduation and college enrollment rates among Latino and ESL students. The program includes a comprehensive after school curriculum combined with leadership activities, service learning, and summer internship and career exploration activities. The core competencies covered in the program are career exploration, educational attainment, technology, college and educational field trips, personal and leadership development, summer volunteer experiences, and job readiness training.

Community Need:

The Mi Espacio after school program (which also incorporates ESCALERA and Parents as Teachers) is situated in the heart of Langley Park, and Baltimore City, Maryland. Langley Park, located in Prince George's County just miles from the nation's capital, is one of the most diverse and disadvantaged communities in the nation. In their 2014 report "From Cradle to Career: The Multiple Challenges Facing Immigrant Families in Langley Park Promise Neighborhood," The Urban Institute, University of Maryland, and CASA determined that of the 17,000 Langley Park residents, over 70% are foreign-born, principally from Central America. In addition, the median income of Langley Park families with children is less than a third of the median for all Maryland families with children; about 18% of households live in poverty in the neighborhood, three times the rate in Maryland and nearly twice that of the nation. Most Langley Park children (75%) enter school with limited English. These students face particularly acute challenges in PGCPS, and need intensive academic supports as well as wraparound case management services and family supports in order to succeed.

Member Position Summary:

Escalera project members will work primarily with high school aged Latino and immigrant youth and their parents in target schools and at CASA's Office "Mi Espacio" after school program. They will implement the Escalera college prep curriculum during weekly after school classes with a cohort of 15-30 students, and will also participate in home visits and follow up meetings with students and their parents where necessary. Members will also provide workshops to high school and college students who fall outside of the target schools regarding the college application process, financial aid, and career exploration.

Required training prior to Member Placement:

CASA will provide a two-week orientation program at the beginning of the Service Year. The Training will include training in the Escalera curriculum and the college access and financial aid workshops, as well as best practices on outreach, record keeping, and other relevant issues.

The training includes an overview of National Service, the role of CNCS and the Maryland's GOSV, as well as training on prohibited activities as described by CNCS.

Member Impact:

Members will assist program participants in graduating from high school, completing an internship, applying to college, choosing a career pathway, and seeking financial aid, where relevant. Members will also help participants to build their leadership skills, develop their self-confidence and problem solving abilities.

Members will be evaluated about outcomes such as number of students who participate in the Mi Espacio, ESCALERA or Parents as Teachers program and in college access workshops and outputs such as how many of those participants graduate from high school, apply for financial aid, apply to multiple colleges, and are accepted into college, or successfully complete a summer internship and increase in parent engagement. Members will also be evaluated on their soft multiple-skills required in every job environment, such as public speaking, learning will, teamwork, communication, and professionalism.

Essential Functions of Position:

  • Recruiting students to participate in the program;

  • Facilitating the Escalera curriculum in target schools

  • Conducting individual home visits and goal-setting sessions with families at the beginning of the school year;

  • Delivering educational workshops and activities related to college- and career-readiness, leadership development and civic engagement, and health and financial literacy, as well as other life skills training and academic enrichment;

  • Developing and leading community service activities and field trips for participants;

  • Providing individual mentorship and support to program participants;

  • Develop internship opportunities and connecting program participants to these opportunities;

  • Facilitating multiracial safe-space conversations and other activities intended to improve school climate;

  • Providing referral to other services as appropriate; and

  • Administering pre- and post-tests and tracking all program participation.

Note: The AmeriCorps member will not be allowed to perform duties that violate the AmeriCorps Prohibited Activities or fall outside of the program goals.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and abilities:

  • Experience performing duties on multicultural environments.
  • Excellent English writing and language skills (bilingual in Spanish, French, Korean, Mandarin, Thai, or Hindi preferred).
  • Highly organized and efficient, "can-do" attitude, flexibility, teamwork, and attention to detail; high degree of initiative.
  • Access to personal transportation.
  • Fast learner.
  • Some knowledge of popular education preferred.

Required Academic and Experience Qualifications:

  • A high school diploma or GED or agree to obtain one during the service year.
  • Associates degree or higher preferred.

Other required qualifications:

  • Ability to perform all of the duties outlined above.

· U.S Citizen or U.S. Legal Permanent Resident (recently naturalized citizens are encouraged to apply).

· At least 17 years old.

· Pass a national service criminal history check of the national sex-offender registry, state repository check (Maryland and state of residence), and FBI fingerprint check, before starting national service.

· Express commitment to complete one full year of National Service.

Placement Type:

The position is not a reassignment from a previous Host Site/Agency.


Full-time commitment (1700 hour/year): Living allowance of $1,166/month, health care coverage. Member may apply for child-care allowance. Member will be entitled to a $6,095 education award upon program completion.

If available: Half-Time commitment (900 hours/year): Living allowance of $583/month. Member will be entitled to a $3,047.50 education award upon program completion.

Living allowance will be paid monthly by direct deposit based on the schedule to be shared at the time of signing the Service Agreement. Individuals may be eligible to have the repayment of their qualified students loans postponed while serving. This postponement is called forbearance. While interest may continue to accrue during your service, if you successfully complete the term of service the National Service Trust will pay all or a portion of the qualified loan's interest that accrued during your service. Most federally-guaranteed student loans are eligible for forbearance.

CASA offers a variety of free-, high quality- training courses on Popular Education, and multicultural program management.

Selection Process:

To be considered for the New Americans Opportunity Project program, interested individuals must submit a current resume to the Manager of Immigrant Integration Programs at CASA. Staff will review the application, request an interview and application (if appropriate), conduct three reference checks, and match a potential applicant with a host site. After the applicant has met with the site supervisor at the host site, the applicant will be responsible for getting a three part criminal history check. Individuals will not be allowed to start orientation or be enrolled in the program until all appropriate background check and paperwork is received by CASA.

Contact: For more information and to apply, contact:

Visit for more Information on AmeriCorps programs.

Langley park, Maryland

Maritza Solano

Director of Education

Baltimore, Maryland

Abdel Piedramartel

Baltimore Services Manager

Job Type Full-time