College and Internship Developer- Male
Rockwall, TX
Job Description

We are looking for a man who has a desire to walk alongside, disciple and mentor others who have a calling to missions. As the College and Internship Developer, you will help teach college students and more specifically, other college men, about how to reach the poor of our time while growing in their own spiritual walk. Your ministry is two-fold. You will find and invest in students at surrounding college campuses and lead them on team trips overseas. You will also work with our interns, raising up future missionaries and laborers for Christ. Your position will help us take His love to the poorest of our world today in word and deed.

"The beautiful experience that we have by serving, we must pass on to people who have not had it."


College students can be na unstoppable force. We want individuals to be awakened to the needs of those in deep poverty around the world. Then use that passion to engage others around them with what God is already doing.

  • Connect with college campuses. Become engaged with the student life and student organizations. Host events and fundraisers on campus in order to educate the students about deep poverty and invite them to join you in what Children's Relief International is doing.

  • Disciple students who want to go deeper in their service and faith.

  • Tell stories - When you are able to engage with others and provide the faces and names of people whose lives have been changed forever through our internship program, they are more likely to become involved.


We hope you like to travel! You will lead college teams and interns to our projects in Africa, South Asia and Haiti.

  • Before the trip: You will walk your interns through the in's and out's of travel to a foreign country and what to expect from the Hill Country. Discuss the culture, individual expectations, group values, and lots of details pertaining to the trip.

  • During the trip: Bond with our incredible project leaders and with your interns. Cast a vision of compassion and service as you share Christ's love in tangible ways.

  • After the trip: Continue to cultivate the relationships you have built. Encourage your interns to follow-up their convictions with actions. Plug them in as a sponsor, advocate or volunteer of Children's Relief International.


Help lead the interns as they walk through the internship program. Train, disciple, and care for these amazing students who want to help make a change in the world. We hope our internship program will be the first of many adventures in service among the poor for those who participate. And if it's service with us, even better!

  • Discipling college guys will be a key part of your role here. It is vital that the next generation of leaders is well educated in the needs of those in poverty and equipped to serve them. You will recruit and raise up leaders among the next generation.

  • You will also work with, run and lead a high school internship three times a year. During your time with them, you are educating them about the poorest of people and helping cultivate their compassion towards them. Providing tangible ways in which they can serve among the poor, even in their own community.


  • Passionate about serving God and loving the poor.

  • A male with the heart and desire to mentor younger men

  • Looking for an adventure.

  • Enjoys cultivating deeper relationships and experiencing other cultures.

  • Is flexible and able to adapt to changing circumstances

  • Good at having fun.

  • Has an affinity for airports.

  • Details, details, and more details!

  • Agreement with CRI's Statement of Faith.


  • Our office is located in the center of Rockwall, Texas. It's a great area to come live and work. 30-50% of your time will be spent traveling overseas to our projects. Come join us!

Job Type: Full-time


Children's Relief International (CRI) mission of taking the light of Christ to the poor began in March of 2000. Since that time CRI has grown from one project in Mozambique to over a dozen, from one staff member (Alan, our President, and Founder) to over 60 staff members across the US and from one program that delivers aid to over 20 in multiple locations across the globe. As we answer the call to be a part of this lasting work, we seek to C.A.R.E. in everything we do. The following are our four core outcomes:

Care- The most urgent spiritual and physical needs in our world begin with children. We provide care by meeting needs such as nutrition, education, clean water, and more as we seek to share God's love and compassion for all his people.

Awaken- Our goal is to awaken God's people to compassion and generosity by sharing our experience.

Raise- As we provide care to the poor and awaken God's people, we seek to enable his people minister in both Word and Deed by sending teams to support our international partners and programs.

Enable- Our final core outcome is to enable those who are willing to answer the call by recruiting, training, sending, and supporting missionaries to serve with us, whether Nationals or Americans.

We seek to find staff that shares our convictions and motivations to care for the poor of our time in Jesus name. The work is unique and powerful but it is not without its challenges.


Job Type Internship