landscape design intern
Palo Alto, CA
Job Description
Program Objective: Verdance Design Group seeks an enthusiastic future practitioner
committed to gaining practical, educational, relevant, and enjoyable experience in the field of
residential landscape design.
Ideal Candidate: The ideal candidate is considering a career as a landscape designer or
design/build contractor, but is not currently practicing landscape design. They possess at least a
basic theoretical understanding of landscape design principles and plan drafting, either freehand
or with CAD software. They have at least a basic knowledge of horticulture and regionally
appropriate plants. They are professional in demeanor, communicate clearly both visually and
verbally, and can demonstrate creativity, initiative, organization, attention to detail, and effective
time management.
Responsibilities: The intern will work closely with the firm's principal to become familiar
with all facets of the residential landscape design business, including:
  • Design concept development, evaluation and production
  • Implemention of the landscape design
  • Interaction with clients, vendors and associates
  • Business administration, marketing, finance and management.
The work will be tailored to the abilities, interests, and needs of the intern. By the end of the

program the intern ideally will be able to:
1. Understand and effectively participate in the firm's design process:
  • Develop a basic design program
  • Measure, map, and analyze a residential site
  • Draft a scaled base plan, by hand and/or using CAD software
  • Explore and evaluate design concepts
  • Prepare a rough planting plan, including schedule of plant materials
2. Interact comfortably with clientele, contractors and vendors to ensure a project's

  • Identify and evaluate potential resources, e.g. materials, fixtures, amenities and/or
plants, relevant to the design concept
  • Procure plants and amenities necessary for a project
  • Observe project installation
  • Document installed landscapes
3. Otherwise support the efficient functioning of a landscape design studio, for instance:
  • Organize the office resource library
  • Create database(s) of plants, materials and amenities
  • Participate in the firm's bookkeeping
  • Write or edit "white papers," online articles, and other publications
  • Evolve and enhance the firm's internship program
Success in these endeavors will relate directly to the intern's initiative and creativity. The intern
is expected to inform the firm's principal of any needs, interests or expectations not being met
during the program.
Length of Program: The internship will consist of approximately 120-150 hours over a
three-month period, with the opportunity for an extension if mutually agreeable. A specific
work schedule will be co-determined by the intern and the firm's principal.
Evaluation: The intern's performance will be evaluated relative to goals established mutually
by the intern and the firm's principal at the commencement of the internship. The intern is
strongly encouraged to keep a journal, scrapbook, or other record to assist in documenting and
evaluating the experience. The firm may, upon the intern's request, discuss and/or prepare a
summary of the intern's performance for academic credit. Because neither the firm nor its
principal is licensed to practice landscape architecture, this internship is not eligible for training
credit toward the Landscape Architect Registration Examination (LARE).
Location and Travel: The intern will work regularly at the firm's office at 616 Ramona
Street, Palo Alto, CA. Occasionally the intern may be asked to travel either with the firm's
principal or independently to other locations for meetings, seminars, vendors, or other
purposes. The intern will use his/her own transportation and must possess liability insurance and
a clean driving record.
Compensation: The intern will be compensated at the rate of $15.00 per hour, paid semimonthly, and subject to applicable federal, state, and local tax withholding. The intern will not
receive insurance benefits, allowance for travel or meals, or other regular compensation. Outof-pocket expenses may be reimbursed with prior approval by the firm's principal.
Future Employment: Although a successful intern is encouraged to remain in contact with
the firm, the firm can make no promise of employment beyond the term of the internship.
About Verdance Design Group: Verdance Design Group creates beautifully functional
spaces that inspire life throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. With thoughtful
attention to detail in both our process and our product, we seek to honor our environment and
delight our clients. Our designs consistently earn industry awards for their imaginative yet
practical solutions; and our approach consistently earns client praise. The firm's principal, John
Black, is a member of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD); the
American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA); and the California Landscape Contractors
Association (CLCA). Our web site is
Application: Applicants will be expected to provide a letter of interest, a current resume
including relevant education, three samples of your landscape design work (student projects are
acceptable), and one sample of your best writing. To be considered for this internship or for
more information, please do apply via our Web site at No mail,
email or phone calls, please.
Job Type Internship