Civil Engineer
Arcadia, CA
Job Description



    This position is located in the Engineering Staff of the A ngeles National Forest in Arcadia, CA.

    This position serves as a Civil Engineer on a Forest Service unit with responsibility for the facilities management program on one or more administrative units.

    For additional information about the duties of this position, please contact Ricardo Lopez at 626-574-5295 or


    • Assist in the evaluation of facility plans and design objectives including conducting surveys and investigations to establish the necessary data to initiate facility designs.
    • Prepare completed and detailed designs, drawings, and specifications for projects such as roads, trails, bridges, or other miscellaneous facilities and structures.
    • Evaluate facility plans and design layouts to establish the necessary data to initiate facility designs.
    • Conduct inspections of facilities to ensure they are maintained to the original standard of construction and to ensure the safety of the public.
    • Assist in the development of standards and guidelines for implementation and compliance
    • Directs construction and maintenance projects, keeping safety considerations in mind.
    • Investigate need for contract change orders, considering conditions at work site, field measurements and computations, and local prices
    • Provide professional engineering expertise to the Contracting Officer and Forest officials.
    • Conduct safety inspections of structures and facilities such as buildings, water and wastewater systems, recreation site facilities, and utilities according to agency requirements
    • Initiates, directs and performs complex technical calculations, and identifies the most economical and efficient procedures for facility projects
    • Responsible for giving advice and guidance in the preparation and issuance of construction contracts.
    • Provide direction to others in the principles of planning, designing, operation, maintenance, monitoring, and inspection of engineering facilities.
    • Confers with contractors' representatives about improvement or adoption of construction practices and procedures necessary to produce a satisfactory finished project.
    • Responsible for training other engineers and technicians in all aspects of facility engineering, such as design, operation, maintenance, and monitoring.
    Job Type Part Time