Andover, MA
Job Description



    The position(s) covered by this vacancy announcement is in the Department of Defense (DoD) Acquisition Workforce Personnel Demonstration Project (AcqDemo). For more information please see: AcqDemo

    This position is being filled under an Expedited Hiring Authority (EHA).


    As a GENERAL ENGINEER at the NH-0801-03 level some of your typical work assignments may include:

    • The physical demands of the work requires considerable and strenuous physical exertion, such as traverse (up and down) ladders, occasional moderate/heavy lifting, must not have abnormal anxiety to temporarily work in confined spaces, and walking/standing for long periods of time. The work requires specific physical characteristics and abilities, such as above average agility and dexterity. The work environment involves risks with a variety of potentially dangerous situations that require safety precautions that must be followed. Must be able to work around chemicals, solvents, dust and particulates that may be encountered inside/outside any of these manufacturing test facilities without the need of a respirator.

    • Directs, reviews, coordinates, and implements broad strategies, policies and procedures for programming, planning, developing, acquisition, and execution of the quality, mission assurance, and assurance integration programs. Provides administrative and technical continuity required in the development of the program and preparation and publication of appropriate MDA regulations, instructions, guidance documents, and correspondence for execution of the program.

    • Plans, directs and controls broad aspects of the development and maintenance of policies and criteria by which MDA acquires/ supports its Quality, Mission Assurance, and Assurance Integration Program. This necessitates constant interface with the Services, the Service higher headquarters, OSD, other federal officials, Congressional representatives, community and private sector individuals. Ensures lessons learned are transmitted to the field to prevent mistakes from being repeated in the planning, development, acquisition and execution process. Ensures MDA's Quality, Mission Assurance, and Assurance Integration programs conform with and are fully integrated to support Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) integration and testing.

    • Represents MDA/QS on field visits to various Services, Commands and Program Offices to assist in the planning, development, acquisition, and execution of the quality, mission assurance, and assurance integration programs and processes.

    • Represents MDA/QS on visits to suppliers who provide critical Missile Defense System hardware/ software with the objective of assessing design and manufacturing process and company's Quality Management Systems.
    Job Type Part Time