Laboratory Researcher III
New Brunswick, NJ
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Laboratory Researcher III

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Staff & Executive - Research (Laboratory/Non-Laboratory)

Pharm - Pharmaceutics

    Pharmaceutics is the science of delivering biologically active compounds to the body through strategies that are designed to elicit an optimal therapeutic response. An understanding of pharmaceutics allows scientists to convert a potential drug into an effective medicine that can be administered to patients in a safe and convenient manner. Our department concentrates on four areas of pharmaceutics:
  • biopharmaceutics, the study of absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of drugs and toxins in the body
  • pharmacokinetics, the study of the disposition of a drug or toxin once it enters the body, especially in relation to time and concentration
  • drug delivery, the development of the most appropriate form or method for administering a pharmaceutical compound
  • nanotechnology and nanomedicine, the design of medical interventions at the scale of molecules and atoms
  • Our research leads directly to new strategies for maximizing the efficacy of drug therapy while minimizing its potential for toxicity and side effects, or both. At the same time, our research provides new insights into the molecular, cellular, and clinical bases of human disease. This is knowledge critical to improving human health and wellness.

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