Warehouse / Shipping
Seattle, WA
Job Description

  • Will read orders and load trays of bakery product onto transport racks or pallets as per order.
  • Physically shuttle transport racks to designated staging areas for eventual loading into transport trucks.
  • Assist in the loading of transport trucks with transport racks.
  • Worker must be able to constantly stand and walk on concrete or wood surfaces, including transport trailer beds.
  • Frequent pushing and pulling of transport racks and carts is necessary.
  • Frequent bending, stooping, twisting, kneeling, reaching, lifting, carrying is required.
  • Repetitive use of both upper extremities for loading transport carts with bakery product trays.
  • Frequent to constant handling and grasping of bakery product trays, transport racks, carts, etc.
  • Additional duties and/or responsibilities as assigned.
Job Type Full-time