Emergency Department Technician
Township of Liberty, OH
Job Description

Title: Emergency Department Technician

Shift: Full-Time, Days

This position will be located in the Emergency Department at The Christ Hospital Liberty Township campus, 6939 Cox Road, Liberty Township, Ohio 45069.

Job Overview: The Emergency Department Technician (EDT) performs duties to enhance patient experience while maintaining patient comfort and a safe patient environment. Some of these duties are beyond the scope of practice of a traditional PCA. The additional training an EDT receives allows them to perform skills and functions necessary for patient care in a critical care, emergency setting. All direct patient care is still provided under the supervision of and is delegated by the Registered Nurse according to the guidelines as set out by the Ohio Board of Nursing. All care is provided based on the concepts inherent in the model of care for TCH which promotes an ongoing partnership between patients and families and the team of healthcare providers. The care is culturally based and age-specific.

The Emergency Department Technician may perform the following duties:

  • Clinical: Performs aspects of clinical care as assigned and instructed by the RN per Ohio Board of Nursing guidelines for delegation.
    • Demonstrates knowledge of tests, procedures, treatments, and any potential complications.
    • Performs skills only after demonstrating competency as documented on the Clinical Performance Record (CPR).
    • Performs tasks delegated by RN as follows (including but not limited to):
      • Vital Signs (temperature, pulse, respiration, & blood pressure)
      • Pulse oximetry (where applicable)
      • Capnography (where applicable)
      • Measures and records patient intake and output
      • Documents Carbohydrate Count with each meal
      • Makes observations as instructed by RN, reporting deviations.
      • Collects specimens as directed by RN
      • Ensures appropriate processing of specimens
      • Weighs Patients
      • Applies hot/cold compresses, ace bandages, non-sterile dressings
      • Performs custom orthoglass and plaster splinting
      • Removes plaster casts
      • Performs finger sticks for blood glucose levels
      • Provides tube/catheter care
      • Performs IVs insertion
      • Performs phlebotomy
      • Performs foley placement
      • Performs wound care
      • Performs Medtronic and Boston Scientific interrogation
      • Performs crutch walking education
      • Performs walker teaching
      • Assists physician with procedures under guidance of clinician
      • Provides post mortem care
      • Reapplies and removes oxygen mask/cannula
      • Turns, cough, and deep breathe
      • Provides incentive spirometry
      • Assists with ambulation
      • Performs range of motion
      • Applies over-bed trapeze and over-bed frame
      • Performs EKGs (where applicable).
      • Performs iStat, Biosite, Clinitek, and Hemoccult testing as ordered
      • Assist in psychiatric care
      • Maintains CPI training
      • Assist with Code Blue response
      • Code Violet responder
      • Maintains Ebola/Emerging path
      • Maintains BLS certification
      • Transports patients between departments for necessary testing
      • Transports patients to Labor & Delivery
      • Assists with delivery of infants
      • Performs orthostatic vital signs
      • Operates ring cutter to perform ring removal as directed
      • Understands and performs tasks specific to different areas of ED (Triage, Express, Pods)
    • Documents according to policy
    • Provides support with unit clerical functions as needed
  • Comfort: Provides comfort and personal hygiene for patients, documenting according to policy
    • As directed by RN, provides assistance with clothing and hygiene needs:
      • Helps patients change out of street clothes into hospital gown
      • When necessary removes clothing and belongings from room, with items labelled with patient identifiers
      • helps patients with necessary hygiene needs
      • elimination needs
      • perineal care
      • skin care (reporting any noted reddened areas to RN)
    • Positions, repositions and/or ambulates patient according to clinician' instructions and/or physician orders. Also helps patients into stretcher or chair for examination and comfort.
    • Nutritional needs:
      • Assists with menu selection and tray as needed.
      • Assists in feeding patients, as needed
      • Provides snacks at ordered times and fluids as instructed
  • Environment and Safety: Provides and promotes individual patient and unit safety
    • Ensures beds and side rails are in appropriate position and locked at all times and that all necessary articles, including call light, are within reach.
    • Maintains safe patient handling guidelines according to policy 1.01.160
    • Applies safety devices and documents in medical record.
    • Assures necessary equipment is available.
    • Demonstrates safe handling of medical gases.
    • Answers call and bathroom lights promptly.
    • Performs purposeful patient rounding a minimum of every 2 hours (or fifteen minutes when applicable).
    • Maintains organization of patient rooms and unit. Identifies and addresses potential fall hazards.
    • Removes any unused equipment from patient rooms
    • Implements and adheres to infection control policies
    • Safety hazards are promptly corrected &/or reported to the appropriate person.
    • Maintains and demonstrates awareness and knowledge of all fire safety equipment.
    • Maintains understanding of emergency reporting protocol
    • Responds to unit emergencies, reporting to the charge nurse.
    • If applicable, provides continuous observation and surveillance of assigned patients using AvaSys software (see addendum)
    • Ensures rooms are ready for the next patient by cleaning all surfaces, removing trash, and ensuring all equipment is in working order.
  • Leadership & Accountability: Demonstrates leadership skills such as the ability to motivate, educate and mentor peers while effectively providing care for patients and family members.
    • Serves as a positive role model
    • Responds to scheduling responsibilities with timeliness
    • Participates in 75% of staff meetings.
    • Participates in unit-based activities/initiatives for performance improvement.
    • Participates in council activities and task forces to improve competencies of self, co-workers, and staff members related to patient care.
    • Supports self and peers in professional growth and development utilizing resources and opportunities within and outside of The Christ Hospital.
    • Participates in self and peer review activities to include the positive recognition of peers and staff on a regular basis.
    • Complies with organization and department policies and required training.
    • Completes all educational requirements to maintain competency related to specific population of patient and/or regulatory agencies. Submits required tests and paperwork in a timely manner.
    • Follows Time and Attendance Policy
    • Trains new employees in both ExCELS core values, and skills necessary to perform in the department.
  • Communication: Orients patient & family to the hospital environment & services provided, facilitates communication throughout the entire hospitalization process as follows:
    • Ensures patient is comfortable and oriented to surroundings. Provides explanations of: call signal, visitors lounge, visitor policy, Dine on Demand, cafeteria and gift shop location and hours of operation, no smoking policy and Patient Education Video Services.
    • Facilitates and maintains communication among all team members of pertinent patient information and patient care needs.
    • Ensures appropriate patient care signage is posted as needed.
    • Demonstrates appropriate communication skills during death & dying process.
    • Helps patients and family members understand reasonable expectations and realities of the ER.
  • Age Specific Competency: Demonstrates ongoing competency in clinical performance for age-related care


  • High School graduate or GED.
  • One of the following criteria must be documented:
    • At least one year as a PCA, MA, EMT, or equivalent role as decided by Emergency Department management. Must involve direct patient contact in a hospital or first responder setting.
    • A nursing student who has successfully completed one medical-surgical rotation or another acute care experiences.
    • Prior training or experience as evaluated by manager, staff development educator, and Human resources.

License & Certification: Certification in AHA Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers (Not required before or upon hire, but required before patient contact)

Required Skills & Knowledge: The EDT demonstrates the knowledge, abilities and skills to provide age and culturally specific patient care and education. The EDT effectively communicates with peers, utilizes appropriate channels of communication and maintains absolute confidentiality. The EDT maintains competence and demonstrates evidence of continuing professional growth. The EDT demonstrates the ability to accept and implement change and the ability to work in a culturally diverse setting.

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Job Type Full-time