Budget Analyst
Washington, DC
Job Description



    This position is located in the Office of Budget, Office of the Chief Financial Officer, performing a wide range of analytical, technical, and administrative duties that are critical elements of the agency's budgetary processes. The employee assigned to this position serves as a budget analyst and contact for program managers for fiscal resource requirements relating to annual appropriations and budget execution processes for the Federal-aid highway program and other FHWA programs.


    As a Budget Analyst , you will:

    • Work as part of a small team that is primarily responsible for executing the Agency's annual budget.
    • Execute FHWA's annual budget by distributing new and carryover funding, including the establishment of authority in the accounting system, the allotment of funding to the appropriate programs and offices, and transferring funding among programs, to other offices and other agencies in accordance with legislation, Office of Management and Budget (OMB)-approved apportionments, and agency policy.
    • Prepare SF-132s, prepare advices of funding, record distribution of funding in the accounting system and ensure recordation and distribution of funding is done in accordance with the law and the OMB approved SF-132.
    • Conduct reviews and studies on assigned programs to identify and resolve budgetary or other financial problems.
    • Provide timely and accurate technical assistance, financial data, calculations, information, and responses to questions from various interested parties, including other FHWA employees, FHWA Division Offices, State Departments of Transportation (State DOTs), FHWA leadership, Office of the Secretary of Transportation (OST), OMB, and Congressional staff. Coordinate and prepare Budgetary Data Requests (BDRs).
    • Participate in the formulation and execution of assigned programs' budgets in support of the FHWA budget and in conformance with the Department of Transportation (DOT) and OMB requirements and criteria.
    • Maintain a good working relationship with OST budget staff and staff in the various FHWA program offices as well as human resources, finance, information technology, and other offices to effectively carry out assigned duties.

    The ideal candidate for this position is a motivated professional with experience performing a wide variety of assignments relating to budgetary matters, in particular budget execution and the distribution of funds.

    Travel Required

    Occasional travel - Occasional travel is required.

    Job Type Full-time