Computational Biologist (MS or PhD)
Cambridge, MA
Job Description

We are seeking a highly motivated Computational Biologist to join our Genomics team to work closely with our diverse group of disease area partners (e.g., cardiovascular, oncology, neuroscience) to apply genomic analysis tools to drug discovery and development.
Our Genomics group, within the Novartis Chemical Biology and Therapeutics drug discovery platform, applies state of the art genomic analysis approaches to the discovery of novel drug targets, identification of new therapeutic modalities and characterization of their mode of action. In this framework, we apply sequencing-based molecular profiling technologies to the identification of disease-associated genes and pathways (e.g., RNA-seq) and the discovery of new drug targets by functional genomic screening (e.g., CRISPR). We also explore tissue biology by studying complex cell populations at a cellular level (e.g., scRNA-seq) and work closely on the development and characterization of new breakthrough cell and gene therapy reagents (e.g., on- and off-target genome analysis). Further, we continuously strive to identify, evaluate, and develop new genomic technologies (e.g., CITE-seq, CROP-seq) to remain at the cutting edge of target and drug discovery.
  • Collaborate with project teams to design, analyze and interpret large genomic data sets
  • Work with an interdisciplinary team of NGS scientists, cellular biologists and computational biologists on the design, development, and implementation of new genomic technologies and applications
  • Develop and implement automated methods and analytical tools to deliver insights and hypotheses from multi-dimensional data sets
  • Present scientific and technical data to both internal and external collaborators Integrate innovative analysis and visualization tools for multi-omics data sets
  • Work independently and prepare timelines, deliverables, and project schedules

Job Type Full-time