Information Technology Intern
Nashville, TN
Job Description




The Intern- SSC position provides individuals currently enrolled in an accredited college/university the opportunity to work on projects that satisfies college/university internship program guidelines and requirements. In addition, the internship teaches entry-level management and technical skills within an SSC.

  • Self-motivated - ability to work independently and as a team member.
  • Applied Learning - effectively apply new knowledge to achieve results; readily picks up new information and applies it to work; excels at understanding new concepts and information.
  • Decision Making/Critical Thinking - addresses conditions that may cause problems to recur in the future, not just the immediate instance; actively seeks data from a variety of sources; analyzes and finds alternatives to ineffective processes; integrates information to detect trends, associations and cause and effect relationship
  • Communication - communicates clearly and concisely, verbally and in writing. This includes utilizing proper punctuation, correct spelling and the ability to transcribe accurately.
  • Customer orientation - establishes and maintains long-term customer relationships, building trust and respect by consistently meeting and exceeding expectations
  • Interpersonal skills - able to work effectively with other employees, patients and external parties
  • PC skills - demonstrates proficiency in Microsoft Office applications and others as required
  • Policies & Procedures - demonstrates knowledge and understanding of organizational policies, procedures and systems
  • Basic skills - organizes, performs, and tracks multiple tasks accurately in short timeframes; works quickly and accurately in a fast-paced environment while managing multiple demands; works both independently and collaboratively as a team player; adaptability; analytical and problem solving skills; performs basic mathematical calculations; attention to detail; balances and reconciles figures; uses proper punctuation and spelling; transcribes accurately.


Duties (included but not limited to):
  • Program participants must "complete" scheduled training and/or project assignments.
  • During the program, candidates will assist management/ leadership by completing daily assignments and working on department projects, as needed, to further enhance their management and technical skills.
  • Candidates must participate in and meet the requirements of all applicable college/ university program requirements to remain in the program.
  • Practice and adhere to the "Code of Conduct" philosophy and the "Mission and Value Statement."
  • Other duties as assigned.

Currently enrollment in an accredited college/university
Less than one year experience in healthcare, logistics and/or finance
Job Type Internship