Salisbury, NC
Job Description

Job Title: Bookkeeper/Human Resources Administrator Employee Name: Department: Administration Location: Salisbury, NC
Job Family: Finance FLSA: Exempt Reports to: Commanding Officer
Direct Reports: None Revision Date: November 1, 2018

Job Summary
Responsible for the financial, budgeting, bookkeeping, property management, and human resource functions. Conducts exit interviews; prepares and submits required paperwork for hiring and terminating employees; makes recommendations for pay increases or position changes. Develops, coordinates, and implements all areas of finance, accounting, budgeting, and related business activities. Completes and supports all office assignments concentrating on targeted deadlines and quality standards; prepares various routine and special reports to keep the Commanding Officer abreast of progress; ensures office operations are in compliance with established departmental policies and procedures.

Essential Functions
This job description should not be interpreted as all inclusive. It is intended to identify the essential functions and requirements of this position. The incumbent may be requested to perform job-related responsibilities and tasks other than those stated in this job description.

Accounting (50%):
  • Assists all departments in budget control and preparation; reviews budget status periodically with department heads; monitors all expenditures and makes appropriate adjustments when appropriate.
  • Prepare and maintain accounting transactions as it relates to payables, receivables, bank transactions and entries and ensures accuracy, completeness and compliance.
  • Prepares all year-end financial reports.
  • Assists in budget preparation for various funding sources as requested. Example: United Way, OJP, HHS, grants.
  • Reviews with Department Head's each department's operation with respect to the program budget; assists in budget control and preparation and reviews budget status with Department Head's periodically
  • Develops financial plans for proposed capital projects, reviews contract agreements, etc. for compliance with local needs and corporate Salvation Army policy; assembles needed documents, proposals, finance schemes, etc. for presentation to appropriate Salvation Army boards.
  • Reviews and recommends funding sources for projects and equipment purchases.
  • Serves as liaison with Divisional Headquarters in all finance and business matters when assigned by the Commanding Officer.
  • Provides the Commanding Officer with daily/weekly updates as to the office operations, budget, and financial and ongoing business matters.
  • Maintains constant preparedness for audits; ensures that all books, money, and accounts are in order at all times, particularly to be in readiness for audits by The Salvation Army or independent CPAs.
  • Prepare multiple United Way financial reports in an accurate and timely manner.
  • Processes monthly financial hand-outs for Advisory Board meetings.
  • Prepares for the presentation by the Commanding Officer all budgetary items as they related to budget hearings and command finance including presentations at conferences, Advisory Board meetings, United Way hearings and Divisional Headquarters presentations.
Human Resources (35%):
  • Prepare Community Service Work Program reports and statistical reports in an accurate and timely manner. Prepares and maintains up-to-date records on all Community Service program participants
  • Maintains personnel files; ensures that job descriptions are up-to-date; ensures that all hiring/firing policies are adhered to; ensures that performance evaluations are conducted in a timely manner; consults the Commanding Officers and Department Heads regarding personnel matters and policies.
  • Serves as the contact person for new employees, interns, etc. who need to use any of the equipment; trains them in how to operate the copy machine
  • Assesses current Volunteer Program by making regularly scheduled visit to program sites and discusses goals and objectives with Program Directors.
  • Develops and establishes job descriptions and objections that are clearly understood and explained to volunteers.
  • Participates in the screening and selection of volunteer staff ensuring adequate staff is maintained to meet program needs
  • Formulates operational standards that are in line with the ethics and practices of The Salvation Army; develops efficient training for volunteers and new hires.
  • Confers with the supervisor regarding the status and performance of the volunteer program; prepares records and reports regarding the same.
Administrative (15%):
  • Originates, organizes, files, and maintains administrative filing system including the grants and agreement files, requisitions, estates, property, and general filing.
  • Processes Property Proposals for renovation or new buildings for all areas; handles any letters, invoices, and other paperwork involved with the project.
  • Serves as liaison to the Divisional Headquarters Property Department; contacts the Divisional Headquarters on a weekly basis to learn the status of pending projects; keeps the Commanding Officer abreast of the same.
  • Assists in preparing the United Way budget, statistics, program descriptions, etc. Assists with the preparation of annual funding through grants and United Way.
  • Researches, compiles, interprets, and summarizes information for various reports, spreadsheets, and special projects; researches files, accounts, records, etc. to resolve problems and/or correct documented information; informs appropriate people of discoveries.
  • Composes, prepares and/or types a wide variety of paperwork including that of a confidential, complex, and/or technical nature with limited supervision and direction such as correspondence, proposals, grants and contracts, budgets, notices, manuals, etc.
  • Prepares, maintains, and updates records, documents, logs, lists, files, purchase orders, etc.; inputs and updates information in computer database; researches office files to locate specific information found in documents, correspondence, lists, forms, computer records, etc.
  • Performs routine filing and retrieving of a variety of correspondence, forms, records, reports, and documents; sorts and files documents alphabetically, numerically or by any other established filing system; maintains and utilizes a bring-up filing system; ensures the files are maintained in an organized and efficient manner.
  • Answers telephone in a courteous and tactful manner; assists employees and people from outside The Salvation Army; provides accurate and complete information regarding the program's operations and/or services; refers callers to other area programs based on their needs.
  • Assists Corps Officer and Boys & Girls Club Executive Director with annual reports; makes photocopies of information for Corps Officer.
  • Creates new forms for programs when needed and approved by supervisor.
  • Assists other department personnel in performing receptionist and clerical activities.
  • May perform special projects as assigned.
Materials and Equipment

General Office Equipment

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
  • Knowledge of the principles and practices particular to the Corps' administration
  • Knowledge of accounting applications and transactions
  • Knowledge of modern data entry methods as they pertain to bookkeeping functions, principles and practices
  • Knowledge of financial accounting systems and procedures
  • Knowledge of modern general office principles, practices and procedures
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality
  • Ability to meet attendance requirements
  • Ability to read, write, and communicate the English language
  • Ability to apply discretion and independent judgment with limited supervision
  • Ability to ensure compliance with departmental policies and procedures
  • Ability to plan and complete work in a manner to ensure compliance with quality standards and deadlines
  • Ability to perform mathematical calculations
  • Ability to accept fiscal responsibility of assigned functionalized accounts
  • Ability to obtain numerical totals and balances and to verify information from complex forms and transfer to various report types
  • Ability to prepare routine, special reports and records to include financial, human resources and general
  • Ability to sort and file documents alphabetically and numerically
  • Ability to exert mental/visual effort required for sustained periods of concentration and pay close attention to detail while working under the pressure of deadlines, and continual interruptions in concentration from staff requiring assistance
  • Ability to conduct the affairs of this office responsibly, efficiently, and economically, and to motivate the staff to do likewise
  • Ability to discharge the duties and responsibilities of this position consistent with the principles, standards, and Orders and Regulations of The Salvation Army
Education and Experience
Two (2) years coursework from an accredited college or university and three (3) years progressively responsible experience working in a general office with at least one (1) year performing work related to accounting and human resources.


Any equivalent combination of experience which provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Physical Requirements/Working Conditions
  • Duties are usually performed seated. Sitting may be relieved by brief or occasional periods of standing or walking
  • Work is performed in a normal office environment where there are little or no physical discomforts associated with changes in weather or discomforts associated with noise, dust, dirt, and the like.
Statement of Purpose
This document provides descriptive information about the above Salvation Army position. Work actually performed by incumbents in this position may vary. Although this document may be used for recruiting, staffing, or career planning, the information contained herein should only be used as a guideline or recommendation for the content of and qualifications for this position. An individual's ability to meet the qualifications and capabilities described in this document is not a guarantee of employment or promotion. The Salvation Army reserves the right to make changes to this document as deemed necessary without providing advance written notice.

All employees recognize that The Salvation Army is a church and agree that they will do nothing as an employee of The Salvation Army to undermine its religious mission.

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