Carelink Outpatient Supervisor
Wilmington, DE
Job Description

Provides direct client services and supervision of daily operations and staff that provides services for community based populations. These populations include those at risk who need intensive support to manage social determinants of health that negatively impact their social, emotional, and physical well-being. Direct client services are provided through broad knowledge and experience of social work theories and methodologies, clinical care, systems management, and community/government networks. Coaches and guides team members to align client service needs with appropriate resources to optimize health. Monitors and mentors staff to enhance care coordination and clinical skills. Provides support to the Carelink CareNow population health leadership, as well as assistance with program development, service delivery improvement, special projects, and staff engagement.

  • Performs a comprehensive in person assessment and "home" evaluation, detailing the psychosocial and environmental factors and their effects upon the client's health and well-being
  • Partners with client in crisis to create an individualized care plan which promotes client's eligibility for community, regional and national services to support their health goals.
  • Collaborates effectively with multi-disciplinary team in developing care plans consistent with evidence-based care guidelines that sustain longitudinal social, emotion and physical health improvement and stability. Facilitates team collaboration efforts.
  • Partners with individuals and families to create a holistic treatment plan which addresses the behavioral health and chronic medical conditions that serve as barriers to health;
  • Adapts behaviors and goals, in a culturally competent, trauma informed manner, based upon an individual's background, social situation, experience, and wishes.
  • Effectively prioritizes clients whose situations require immediate intervention to prevent negative health outcomes
  • Collaborates with other Carelink CareNow colleagues to ensure smooth transitions of care across the continuum.
  • Advocates for clients when needed, empowering them to achieve their goals, including individual and/or class inequities, inadequate or non-existent hospital and/or community resources (i.e. insurance, housing, benefit applications, verification documents, etc.)
  • Educates clients regarding their social, medical and emotional needs and how to navigate resources to meet these needs, including the appeal process.
  • Engages eligible clients in the program according to established protocols and enrollment procedures
  • Serves as a subject matter expert for other Carelink CareNow, Christiana Care Health System or community staff when addressing complex health, social and behavioral health needs; Leads multi-disciplinary case review to optimize outcomes.
  • Effectively and efficiently prioritizes work; Documents in a timely, accurate and concise manner per Carelink CareNow policy. This includes but is not limited to: operations, regulatory needs, research initiatives and quality assurance requirements.
  • Demonstrates and supports strong and respectful communication skills with patients, community partners and colleagues, appropriately following lines of authority via the CCHS organizational chart.
  • Supports outreach through active participation in community meetings, client team meetings, and Carelink CareNow staff/team meetings.
  • Performs assigned work safely, adhering to established departmental safety rules and practices
  • Reports immediately to administration any unsafe activities, conditions, hazards, or safety violations that may cause injury to oneself, other employees, patients and/or visitors
  • Assumes responsibility for professional growth and shares knowledge with co-workers and health care team members.
  • Supervises undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in an accredited school of social work as required
  • Provides information on social service programs and state/ federal regulations specific to the population that is served.
  • Supports Carelink CareNow activities for members of the team including identification and resolution of team issues, responsibility for the reassignment and coordination of services, facilitates the distribution and completion of daily work.
  • Assumes PTO, disability time, and FMLA oversight to insure that staffing is optimal to meet service needs for all staff located at their site.
  • Provides direct supervision of staff to include preceptoring, mentoring, coaching and evaluation.
  • Coordinates and initiates training/orientation programs for staff; coordinates ongoing educational presentations - in cooperation with other members of Carelink CareNow.
  • Maintains employee files as needed in cooperation with the department director.
  • Oversees client and staff satisfaction initiatives; to include review of data management tools, analysis of service needs, and dissemination of all information related to the process to staff members.
  • Communicates with internal/external customers (i.e., social work agencies, government agencies, etc.); and acts as a representative of Carelink CareNow Community to communicate issues as needed.
  • Coordinates/schedules meetings to support the needs of staff members and improvement of service delivery.
  • Assists in preparation of budget items in cooperation/coordination with the departmental director.
  • Makes recommendations for budgetary needs within scope of assignment.
  • Participates in the development and maintenance of departmental policies and procedures for Carelink CareNow Community.
  • Participates in quality assurance and performance improvement activities specific to Carelink CareNow Community functions, initiatives and regulatory guidelines.
  • Interacts with both internal and external customers of the Carelink CareNow Community; to include Information Services, Fiscal Services, ancillary departments, Third Party Payers, community social service agencies, health care facilities, and regulatory bodies to maintain/update policies and procedures.
  • Performs work safely, adhering to established departmental safety rules and practices;
  • monitors/reports any unsafe activities, conditions, hazards or safety violations that may
  • cause harm to self &/or others.
  • Performs other related duties as required
Job Type Full-time