Altoona, IA
Job Description
Job Title: Tissue Recovery Coordinator Team Lead
Department: Tissue
Work System: Donation
Reports To: Tissue Recovery Manager
Location of Job: Altoona
Exemption Status: Non-exempt
OSHA Category: I

Position Summary: Responsible for coordinating the tissue recovery team and recovery process; recovery of tissues for transplantation and research according to industry standards.
Job Qualifications: High school diploma or equivalent and a graduate of a health care related program/one or more-year health care related experience/ or currently enrolled in a health
science baccalaureate or graduate degree program. CST, LPN, EMT, Paramedic, fire, or operating room experience desirable.

Essential Job Functions and Performance Expectations:
1. Efficiently manage tissue cases to ensure complete documentation, communication, recovery and donor reconstruction while adhering to established policies and procedures.
a. Maintain effective communication between IDN staff, hospital and all other agencies/professionals involved.
b. Report any case concerns to Administrator on Call (AOC).
c. Document accurately, concurrently and legibly in IDN donor chart.
d. Ensure compliance with local medical examiner needs during the recovery process.
2. Efficiently perform tissue recovery and donor reconstruction while adhering to established policies and procedures and standard work documents.
a. Review authorization form(s) with other team members, Communication Center staff, and AOC according to policy and procedure.
b. Perform and document physical assessment of a potential donor allowing recovery to occur if assessment is satisfactory.
c. Recover qualified specimens for serological testing.
d. Recover tissues to achieve minimum benchmark standards; i.e. contamination and yield for skin, musculoskeletal, cardiac, adipose, and vascular tissues.
e. Correctly label and prepare tissue, blood, and culture samples for shipment and arrangement for timely transportation to outside agencies.
3. Assist in maintenance of the Medical Workroom and Facilities.
a. Ensure that maintenance, stocking, rotating, and preparation of supplies and instruments are completed and available for recoveries. Communicate to manager or designee when supplies or instruments are low.
b. Clean and document medical work room according to IDN policies and procedures.
4. Perform decontamination and sterilization of recovery equipment and instruments.
a. Ensure no residual tissue or body fluids are left on instruments after decontamination process to ensure sterilization process can occur.
b. Ensure instruments are sterilized in accordance with FDA standards and IDN policies and procedures and manufacturer's guidelines.
5. Perform training with new recovery staff or staff learning additional job functions.
a. Assist in staff training and document that information on appropriate training checklist immediately following a case.
6. Assist with quality assurance process, complete QA requests in a timely manner and entering of charts into database.
a. Complete QA requests during next scheduled shift.
7. Participate in scheduled monthly meetings and training sessions to maintain proficiency in tissue recovery process.
a. Attend and actively participate in 90% of all tissue recovery staff meetings or training sessions as measured by attendance sheet. Any missed meetings should be made up with one week of meeting.
8. Attend and successfully complete annual clinical competencies.
a. Demonstrate competency in essential job functions.

Additional Job Functions: None

Physical Requirements/Working Conditions:
1. Respond to call within 10 minutes and depart for hospital or office within one hour of call or as assigned.
2. At peak times, may be called in to assist when not scheduled.
3. Work a rotating on-call schedule with extended hours.
4. Lift equipment and supplies weighing up to 50 lbs.
5. Assist with physical lifting of donors.
6. Follow sterile technique guidelines.
7. Stand for long periods of time in an operating room and mortuary environment.
8. Mental and visual fatigue associated with detailed work.
9. Use of sharp surgical instruments which may cause damage or injury if used incorrectly.
10. Morgue or operating room environment. Exposure to biohazardous materials such as blood, other body fluids, communicable diseases and pharmacological agents. Universal
precautions and use of personal protective equipment is required.
11. Travel to the office and donor hospitals throughout the State of Iowa at any given hour of the day or night.
12. Drive a vehicle under various conditions that may lead to visual and mental fatigue.
13. Work requires stooping, kneeling, reaching and handling (seizing, holding, grasping, turning or otherwise working with hands).
14. Express ideas verbally and convey detailed or important spoken information.
15. Receive detailed information through oral and auditory communication.

Skills and Abilities:
1. Maintain a current valid driver's license and be insurable through IDN's insurance.
2. Skill and ability to effectively use computers and computer software including word processing, databases, spreadsheets, Internet tools, and electronic mail.
3. Effectively communicate both verbally and in writing when representing IDN; work well with others; take and give direction; demonstrate effective problem-solving skills; ability
to work both independently and collaboratively.

Organizational Responsibilities: It is required that IDN employees demonstrate commitment to the mission and vision, maintain effective communication, exhibit teamwork, respect diversity, follow policies and procedures, maintain confidentiality of all donor, recipient and organizational information, demonstrate accuracy and thoroughness while meeting productivity standards, observe safety and security procedures, be consistently punctual and dependable, actively participate in performance improvement activities and continually demonstrate behavioral expectations and core values.
Job Type Full-time