Chief of Community Services New
City of Norwalk, CT
Job Description

Position Definition: This is a senior level position that directs, coordinates and ensures that continued resources are obtained and dedicated to sustain the City departments that directly affect the social well-being and health of the residents of Norwalk. Critical functions of this position include strong capacity for policy recommendations and implementation, and building strong working relationships with external and community groups. Provides support and guidance to neighborhood and community efforts to improve the overall quality of life in Norwalk. Departments supervised and administered by this position include Fair Rent and Human Relations, Library Services, Health Services and Human Services.

Example of Duties: Directs and oversees work of all Community Services departments in the City. Initiates, develops and implements policies to address human service and community needs and challenges. Develops and integrates the delivery system of community resource/asset development and human services. Plans, directs and organizes tasks associated with the provision of human and community development services and projects. Assesses and monitors work load, administrative and support systems, and internal reporting relationships to identify opportunities for improvement and implement changes. Promotes sustainable growth of community assets, with particular attention to vulnerable communities, through the coordination and integration of resources from federal, state and local sources, the private and non-profit sectors and other sources. Engages and develops a full spectrum of community partnerships in building and maintaining collaborative relationships to promote policy advocacy and efforts that address offender reentry success and recidivism prevention. Identifies future program directions, new opportunities, and innovative strategies to serve the Community Services Department mission to increase and sustain the social well-being and health of all Norwalk residents. Sustains and augments existing Community Service programming and resources, including initiating grant applications to seek funding from the full array of public and private sources. Provides guidance, assistance and support to neighborhoods in developing and implementing plans and programs including educational, social, cultural, and beautification efforts to create thriving communities. Strengthens neighborhoods through the expansion of communication networks and shared resources among educational and corporate institutions, community based organizations, residents and City officials.

Represents the City Administration and the mission of the Community Services Department in multiple forums. Provides staff assistance to the Mayor and participates on a variety of boards, commissions and committees. Performs other related duties as required.

Supervised By: This position reports directly to the Mayor.

Job Type Full-time