RN, Inpatient Care Center, PRN
Winchester, VA
Job Description
ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

Performs the assessment function for all adult clients and derives nursing diagnoses based on assessment data.

Involves the patient/family in determining care goals and objectives. Acts as a patient advocate.

Implements nursing interventions to relieve pain and other symptoms of life-limiting illnesses. Delivers care within the scope of nursing practice and in accordance with accepted standards of practice.

Practices universal precautions in all contacts with patients, and special isolation techniques as warranted by patient diagnosis.

Teaches and demonstrates care to be provided by the patient, family, or CNAS/Medication Techs. Provides ongoing supervision and teaching as warranted.

Oversees preparation and administration of all medications, following established procedures and physician orders.

Maintains medication inventory, reordering from pharmacy or notifying families of need to reorder. Monitors and verifies new supply for accuracy and completeness. Reports any discrepancies to the Director of Inpatient Care Center.

Assures narcotic count each shift for on-coming and off-going staff according to established procedure. Reports any discrepancies to the Director of Inpatient Care Center at the time of the occurrence.

Administers and/or monitors administration of treatments as ordered by physicians.

Provides emotional support to patients and families in a manner that fosters independence, affirms existing and new strength, and promotes and develops strengths.

Identifies need for intervention by other members of the interdisciplinary team on an ongoing basis; collaborates in the planning of such care. Provides complete and accurate supporting documentation.

Observes patient status on an ongoing basis based on patient needs.

Communicates problems, concerns and/or changes in the residents? health status to the Director of Inpatient Care Center in a timely manner.

Performs reassessments of patient status on an ongoing basis based on patient needs. Completes reassessment of systems identified in the plan of care for ongoing monitoring.

Evaluates the effectiveness of care in conjunction with other members of the interdisciplinary team. Reports changes in patient condition to the interdisciplinary team.

Documents care provided and the response of the patient/family; throughout the shift according to established standards.

Maintains all inpatient care unit medical records.

Provides for continuity of service across settings through effective information management, including both verbal and written communication.

19. Participates in the orientation of new members of the interdisciplinary team and students.

20. Respects the autonomy and right to confidentiality of all patients and families.

21. Manages a patient assignment and delivers care in a cost-effective manner that demonstrates an understanding of Hospice reimbursement methodologies. Articulates essential components of the Hospice benefit as administered under Medicare and other payers.

22. Participates in the development of policies, procedures, clinical, protocols, forms, and service programs as requested. Participates in departmental and/or agency-wide quality improvement activities.

23. Seeks opportunities for professional growth, including demonstrating the ability to receive constructive performance feedback. Recognize elements of patient and family systems that are not amenable to change. Evaluates own effectiveness in establishing and maintaining therapeutic relationships with clients and seeks assistance of supervisor or other resource persons in responding to opportunities for improvement.

24. Acts independently and responsibly to perform job duties on a consistent basis.

25. In the absence of the Director, serves as a contact person for resident families, involving families in all aspects pf resident status and care.

26. Functions as a shift supervisor when assigned.

27. Performs as Director, as requested, in the absence of the Manager of Inpatient Care Center.

28. Maintains twelve hours of annual continuing education.

29. Is sensitive to the stressors experienced by colleagues in working with Hospice patients and families.

30. Carries out the mission and values of Blue Ridge Hospice.

PHYSICAL/SENSORY/COGNITIVE REQUIREMENTS The requirements described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job.

Must be able to continuously stand and walk, frequently squat, climb stairs, bend to the floor, reach over the shoulder, kneel, twist, sit, lift patients, and remain in uncomfortable positions for prolonged periods of time.

Must have visual acuity sufficient to continuously note changes in patient condition (breathing, color, and skin integrity) and to read a thermometer, sphygmomanometer dial, and other instruments.

Must have hearing acuity sufficient to auscultate BP, hear verbal instructions and communication from clients, respond to emergency alarms, and answer the telephone.

Must be able to concentrate on moderate details with frequent interruptions, attend to specific functions for 10-25 minutes, remember multiple tasks and assignments over an 8-12 hour period, and understand and relate specific ideas and concepts.

Must be able to deal with stress, patients and their families, multiple tasks, noise, interruptions, and emotional loss, and to work cooperatively with other members of the interdisciplinary team while maintaining a pleasant and professional demeanor.


Graduate of an NLN accredited nursing program, Bachelor of Science in Nursing preferred.

Two years of nursing experience in medical/surgical, oncology nursing and/or hospice or home health experience preferred.


Current unrestricted Virginia license as a registered nurse or willing to obtain Virginia license prior to employment.
Job Type Full-time