Volunteer Coordinator
Delaware, OH
Job Description


The Volunteer Coordinator oversees the region's volunteer program and recruits, motivates, trains and supervises regional volunteers for utilization at Canine Companions' events and business operations. They also develop and maintain volunteer guidelines, materials and procedures as well as organize and assist with Canine Companions' volunteer and company events in order to educate the general public and volunteers on the importance of the organization's mission and the value Canine Companions holds for its volunteer support.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned as needed:

  • Conduct volunteer orientation meetings in order to recruit new volunteers as well as increase the volunteer support base. Provide clear and concise overview of Canine Companions' volunteer program to all volunteer applicants to ensure accurate and up to date information is provided to educate volunteers and their contacts. Review and update volunteer application materials and guidelines. Interview volunteer applicants and provide follow-up as necessary.
  • Recruit, screen and train volunteers in specified job areas in accordance with Canine Companions' procedures. Supervise and evaluate the ongoing work performance of volunteers and follow-up volunteer service with recognition and thank you letters. Frequently visit volunteer work sites and projects to reinforce excellent volunteerism and provide support when needed.
  • Create, review and update volunteer job requests and related job duties. Solicit input and volunteer needs from regional office staff and maintain current job descriptions and volunteer needs for the regional campus. (e.g. docents, Team Training, graduate seminars, kennel support, puppy receptions, graduations)
  • Schedule and perform public demonstrations, presentations and campus tours. Provide training and evaluations for speakers to ensure accurate public education and information about the organization. Provide adequate supplies and materials for speakers. Oversee set-up of information booths and schedule staffing for off-site events. Organize and schedule volunteer staff to perform regularly scheduled campus tours to visitors and conduct unscheduled tours as necessary. Acquire and oversee special events equipment and materials to provide high-quality presentations.
  • Complete special development and volunteer projects, which require initiative, flexibility and creativity.
  • Provide specific event training and provide volunteer coverage for campus special events. Work with volunteers during special events while providing supervision, training and support to ensure coverage and propriety.
  • In conjunction with development staff, develop ad hoc volunteer committees for special events as needed. Support, encourage and oversee various volunteer chapter activities. (e.g. information booths, presentation requests, literature, demonstrations, events)
  • Create and maintain volunteer files, database and other relevant volunteer information which include volunteer personal information, dates to be recognized, current address, emergency information, current phone numbers and areas of interest or ability. Track and record volunteer hours performed for Canine Companions using the Volunteer Module within the database.
  • Create and implement volunteer recognition opportunities, which include a Volunteer Appreciation Event, volunteer awards for special achievements or service, acknowledgement of birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Maintain and update all volunteer bulletin boards on campus and oversee volunteer recognition to reinforce the importance of Canine Companions' volunteers and the volunteer program.
  • Oversee the publishing of monthly newsletters to include volunteer activities and recognition for volunteers (e.g. puppy raisers, breeder caretakers and other staff volunteer support)
  • Work with National Marketing staff to update the Volunteer Sourcebook to meet the organizations needs as well as the volunteer's needs.
  • Lead monthly chapter Presidents calls with leadership from the volunteer chapters in the region. Act as the liaison between volunteer chapters and regional staff. Ensure complete compliance with the Volunteer Sourcebook to ensure consistency among the chapters.
  • Update volunteer webpage on the Canine Companions website as well as updating chapter websites.
  • Be accountable not only for direct responsibilities outlined in this job description but also to serve fellow staff and other constituents with whom position interacts. Ensure actions and communications are honest and transparent.


  • Able to perform several tasks concurrently, time management and organizational skills.
  • Able to manage, network and motivate staff, volunteers and clientele.
  • Able to train and maintain confidential information.
  • Able to organize and maintain detailed records; complete necessary paperwork and meet deadlines.
  • Able to perform public presentations; good oral and written communication skills.

EXPERIENCE: Computer, public speaking and training experience preferred.

EDUCATION: College graduate or equivalent.

Job Type Full-time