Clinical Documentation Improvement Intern
Falls Church, VA
Job Description
Clinical Documentation Improvement Internship program is a learning opportunity for aspiring Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) specialists who are interested in developing CDI knowledge and hands-on practical experience in the field. The program's goal is to help medical, nursing and health information professionals gain CDI skills and experience for a successful carreer in the field.

CDI interns will develop the following knowledge and skills:

  • Basics of inpatient coding ICD-10 CM and PCS
  • MS-DRG-based hospital reimbursement system
  • APR-DRG methodology, Severity of Illness and Risk of Mortality
  • Use of 3M coding software, including Encoder and Computer-Assisted Coding
  • Review hospital admission health records (medical records)
  • Identify documentation gaps, such as missing diagnosis, unspecific diagnosis, conflicting documentation
  • Generate clinical documentation improvement queries
  • Forward queries to healthcare providers
  • Verbally discuss CDI opportunities with providers
  • Finalize queries and choose appropriate baseline DRG
  • Generate select 3M CDI reports and measure own productivity and performance

Program Length:
3 months full time (40 hours/week with flexible hours) or
6 months at least 50% time (at least 20 hours/week with flexible hours)
Job Type Internship