Engineer, Third Class
Detroit, MI
Job Description

Check buildings to ensure proper temperatures are maintained. Access all public areas in buildings, including classrooms, offices, stairwells, hallways, restrooms, etc. to determine comfort level; set and/or reset thermostats as necessary; turn ventilation equipment on and off as appropriate.

Monitor all pumps, condensate tanks, valves, water heaters, reduction valves, swimming pool equipment, boilers and plumbing systems. Access equipment which may be at any height and in any location on campus; work with hand tools and at any angle. Clean all plenum chambers, fans, boiler rooms and other areas designated for heating and ventilation use.

Make running repairs on equipment as necessary. Replace stems and seats on all valves and traps up to one inch in size; control flow by opening and closing gate, globe and/or butterfly valves.

Clean and change air filters. Access filter chambers which may be located at any height and angle with cumbersome boxes containing replacement filters; adjust and replace belts on equipment. Respond to calls for service.

All Operating Engineers are considered to be "Essential Personnel," and are required to report during a university emergency closure period.

Other duties as assigned.

Job Type Full-time