Lead Technologist
San Diego, CA
Job Description

Position Summary:

Responsible for supervising activities of the MRI department, including technical and ancillary staff on specific shifts and/or times. Performs a wide variety of technical procedures with quality patient care, assisting physicians as needed. Performs examinations utilizing MR equipment to locate, evaluate and record critical functional, pathological, and anatomical data. Communicates findings to radiologist(s) as appropriate.

Sharp and Children's MRI Center (SCMRI) technologists perform examinations utilizing MR equipment to locate, evaluate and record critical functional, pathological, and anatomical data. Technologists communicate findings to radiologist as appropriate. SCMRI services both Rady Children's Hospital and Sharp Memorial Hospital at four different locations all within walking distance of each other. SCMRI technologists provide compassionate MR imaging services for both inpatients and outpatients, both adult and pediatric populations. SCMRI offers a wide range of MRI/MRA imaging of the entire body. In addition to routine MSK, neuro and body imaging, SCMRI specializes in fetal, cardiac, prostate, breast, and functional MR imaging (fMRI). In partnership with Rady Children's Hospital, SCMRI technologists assist anesthesiologists and nurses with pediatric anesthesia assisted MRI. SCMRI operates seven MR scanners. Six of the seven scanners are GE with software levels ranging from DV 23- DV26. GE Models include Discovery 450 1.5T and 750 3T, Excite and Signa HDX. Additionally SCMRI operates one Philips Intera Master/Nova scanner. The Philips MR system operates at level 2.6.3/2.6.69. Future expansions include addition of at least one new Siemens scanner at the Rady Children's Hospital location.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assures daily staffing levels are appropriate for workload and quality patient care needs, in conjunction with Medical Director(s) and/or Technical Services Supervisor.
  • Develops, implements, and communicates MR techniques.
  • Supervises day-to-day activities of the MR department to ensure efficient staff productivity and that quality images are obtained. Communicates pertinent issues to the Technical Services Supervisor and Medical Director.
  • Ensures the patient flow within the department is constant and organized.
  • Facilitates referring physicians' requests.
  • Ensures adherence to departmental Policy, Procedures, and guidelines. (i.e., dress code, standard precautions).
  • Provides input to Technical Services Supervisor on hiring and promotion decisions, corrective actions, coaching and counseling.
  • Demonstrates skill in the use of sensitive MR equipment to obtain accurate and meaningful results obtaining patient's history and show correlation of the clinical history with the test performed.
  • Demonstrates skills in the proficient use of PACs.
  • Develops film when necessary.
  • Obtains the highest quality images possible, assuring the anatomical area of interest is images as completely as possible.
  • Ensures equipment calibration by performing quality control tests according to established procedures and frequency schedule.
  • Assists in training new and student MR Technologist and technologist assistants.
  • Practices sterile and isolation techniques resulting in the prevention of cross-contamination and infection.
  • Maintains a high quality of patient care.
  • Maintains high quality of patient and personnel safety.
  • Communicates in a positive and timely manner with co-workers, physicians, patients, and visitors.
  • Maintains equipment and orders supplies when needed.
  • Ensures compliance with State and Federal regulations.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Must possess excellent organizational and communication skills.
  • Ability to work independently and within prescribed exam times.
  • Must possess certification in all areas of MR performed while on the job.
  • Must possess the understanding of the functionality of a medical office operation, desired patient through-put while providing optimal patient care and considerations for patient's circumstances, preferably in outpatient and inpatient radiology.
  • Ability to perform the identified essential functions of the position including the operation of any equipment associated with performing the essential functions.
  • Ability to perform the essential functions of the position without posing a direct threat to him/herself, others or property.
  • Ability to adhere to Sharp and Children's MRI Centers (SCMRI) personnel policies and practices.
  • Ability to maintain a calm and courteous demeanor and conduct business in a professional manner.


  • High school graduate.
  • Completion of an accredited MR program with an AART MR or ARMIT credential.
  • Must have current license/certification, including CPR and Venipuncture.
  • Advanced registration in MRI.

Work Experience:

  • 2-4 years' experience directly related to the duties and responsibilities specified.
  • 1-year supervisory experience preferred.
  • Experience in medical field, inpatient radiology preferred.

Physical Demands:

  • Ability to sit for 7 to 8 hours, daily, at desk.
  • Ability to periodically bend, stoop or reach to file, organize and obtain objects.
  • Ability to distinguish telephone ring and caller's voice, hear and speak over a telephone and in person.
  • Ability to speak clearly and be comprehended.
  • Ability to write and record information legibly.
  • Visual acuity.
  • Ability to accurately keyboard.
  • Ability to position patient.
  • Ability to transfer patients to exam table.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Job Type Full-time