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    Strategic Systems Programs (SSP) directs the development, production, logistic support, and sustaining engineering effort of the Navy's Strategic Weapons Systems. This includes direction of research, development, manufacturing, test, evaluation, and operational support of the TRIDENT Fleet Ballistic Missile. SSP also plans and directs the development of training systems and equipment, the training of fleet personnel in the operations of the systems, provides for facilities; and has responsibility for fulfilling the terms of the U.S./U.K.

    The SSP encompasses the following lines of business in developing, producing, and supporting six generations of strategic weapons systems, SSP acquired specific skills and organizational values that support a capability to accomplish related efforts of importance to the Navy and the Nation.

    • Strategic Weapons System (SWS) - Maintaining and extending the life of the TRIDENT II SWS, the Nation's primary strategic deterrent.
    • Nuclear Weapons Security (NWS) - Assuring security of nuclear weapons in US Navy custody.
    • SSGN (Attack Weapons System - AWS) - Providing and supporting the AWS on converted Ohio class submarines that deploy Tomahawk missiles (non-nuclear) and other payloads.
    • Payload Integrator - Providing seamless end-to-end integration of alternate payloads on submarines with large diameter tubes.
    • Emerging Missions - Providing rapid and cost effective expansion of submarine-based capabilities that fill validated joint warfighting gaps under the new Triad
    • Navy Treaty Implementation Program (NTIP) - Assuring DoN Compliance with all applicable Arms Control Treaties and Agreements.
    MISSION: "Provide credible and affordable solutions to the warfighter."
    • Provide: technology, design, development, production, operational support and retirement
    • Credible: meet mission requirements / warfighting capability, reliable, supportable over the long term
    • Affordable: cost effective across the complete life cycle
    • Strategic: nuclear, conventional, timely
    • Solutions: concepts, plans, programs, weapon system, advice/consultation, direction
    • Warfighter: sailor, resource sponsor, COCOM (Combatant Command), CSE Navy PM
    VISION: Apply SSP values and abilities to:
    • Deliver high performance and responsive products to the warfighter
    • Meet and/or exceed stakeholders' expectations
    • Continually improve our process
    • Enrich the civilian and military workforce
    • Sustain the Government / contractor strategic alliance

    Travel Required

    Occasional travel - You may be expected to travel for this position.

    Job Type Full-time