Relief Therapist
Opelika, AL
Job Description

Summary: Provides clinical services to consumers and families. Develops consumer plans and oversees their implementation. Provides clinical consultation to other staff and agencies within the community in accordance with professional qualifications and credentials. Provides educational and prevention services as assigned. Provides case management services as required.

Master's degree in Psychology, Social Work, Counseling or a related approved field or a student on internship from an approved, accredited graduate program. Previous clinical practicum experience required. Two year's post-Master's supervised clinical experience preferred.

Consumer Care/Clinical Services: Completes intakes; develops and follows appropriate consumer Plans; assesses the consumer's psycho-social status and level of functioning; and provides crisis intervention, individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, medication monitoring, mental health consultation, and other clinical services as indicated in the consumer's Plan.; and in accordance with professional qualifications and credentials. Provides services at the most accommodating location for the consumer and/or family members (i.e. home, school, emergency room). Provides educational and support services to consumers and families (daily living skills training and family support and education). Provides treatment plan reviews, diagnostic testing, and diagnostic assessments as qualified. Ensures the consumer's and family's (when appropriate) active involvement in plan development and clinical intervention. Plans for and actively pursues transition to a less restrictive level of care. Maintains or exceeds a direct service productivity standard established by Center policy. Seeks appropriate supervisory consultation when working with a high risk individual and documents such consultation in the consumer record.

Case Management Services: May be certified as a case manager to provide linkage and service coordination to a caseload of consumers. Provides crisis intervention as appropriate for consumers with a mental illness. Assures compliance with targeted case management standards.

Transportation: Transports consumers as needed. May transport consumers in Center and/or personal vehicle. Responsible for maintaining personal liability insurance coverage. Follows all traffic laws. Immediately reports any Center vehicle malfunction to supervisory or maintenance staff. Maintains safe driving record and attends defensive driving course as assigned. Completes written vehicle records as assigned. Wears seat belt and ensures that passengers wear their seatbelts. Transports children under the age of 12 in the rear seat of the vehicle (including one's personal vehicle). Utilizes cellular phones for emergencies only; no use of cellular phones while vehicle is in motion. Ensures the security of Center credit cards. Immediately notifies Human Resources of all accidents or motor vehicle violations (whether on the job or off).

Staff Meetings: Attends regularly scheduled staff meetings. Staffs new and current cases with qualified supervisors and peers. Reviews clinical cases of peers as assigned. Responds to routine clinical peer reviews and Plan reviews.

Documentation: Documents clinical services, intakes, transfers, discharges, and incidents. Ensures consumer and family member signatures are obtained when indicated. Prepares clinical documentation requested by other agencies. Obtains consumer releases as appropriate. May collect and document behavioral data. May write behavior management programs. Completes routine Center, state, and federal forms. Ensures that diagnostic impressions are approved by a psychiatrist or licensed psychologist and that consumer plans are approved by a licensed staff member. Ensures that progress notes are completed at the time the service is delivered, unless clinically contraindicated and so documented in the consumer's record.

Intra- and Inter-Agency Referrals: Is a member of a multi-disciplinary treatment team and consults on a regular basis with team members (i.e. psychiatrist, registered nurse, case manager). Works collaboratively with other Center staff and consultants. When appropriate, refers consumers to other services (social security, medical, dental, nutritional, educational, vocational, etc.). Maintains cooperative working arrangements with other agencies.

Inservice Training: Completes inservice training as required by Center policy and/or otherwise assigned by supervisory staff. Must successfully complete all in-service training required for your position in order to maintain employment with the Center. Ensures documentation of attendance. Ensures training required for licensure or certification, if applicable. Certified in PCM at level required for program site.

Policies and Procedures: Reads Center policies and procedures on a regular basis. Follows policies and procedures. Maintains consumer and staff confidentiality. Adheres to ethical standards as outlined by policy or profession. Assists new employees in following established policies and procedures. Observes infection control procedures.

Job Type Full-time