Mathematical Statistician - Direct Hire
Washington, DC
Job Description



    A successful candidate in this position will perform the complete mathematical and statistical analyses of larger projects pertaining to the Energy sector or to a sub-sector of it.


    As a Mathematical Statistician, you will:

    • Advise program staff on developing methods and selecting techniques to conduct methodological research to improve sample surveys or experimental designs; to conduct evaluations of data collection, reduction, processing, protocol design, sample size, and analysis of methodologies and results.
    • Evaluate the methodology used in specified energy related program studies to ensure the results are valid and reliable. Makes recommendations to senior officials on interpreting multiple, conflicting, or incomplete data and advises on technical issues central to initiating new statistical programs or major revisions to current statistical programs.
    • Design and develop mathematical statistical models, methods, and/or techniques such as sample and survey designs for related data collection. Monitors and maintains center standards regarding survey design and methodology.

    Travel Required

    Occasional travel - Occasional travel may be required.

    Job Type Full-time