Intern -Intern - Baseband SoC/Real-Time Computation and Scheduling
Plano, TX
Job Description

Intern -Intern - Baseband SoC/Real-Time Computation and Scheduling

Futurewei Technologies is on the cutting edge of 5G systems, and RF systems by their nature are stochastic systems. In the area of baseband processing, there is a requirement to reduce the cost and improve the efficiency of the heterogeneous multicore baseband processing SoC. We have an open slot for a summer intern to work in this area with some of the leaders in this field. This is part of the RF and baseband SoC research effort in Plano Texas.

Research activities include the development of new algorithms to schedule the workload of baseband processing onto the available hardware components of the SoC. The activities also include the analysis and simulation of these algorithms to show their benefits in realistic workload scenarios. The candidate must be an expert in real-time scheduling as well as have the ability to work with hardware and software engineers to understand the constraints of the problem so the solutions can be evaluated and realistically implemented.

It is expected that the candidate will be an out of the box thinker willing and able to develop ideas outside of the traditional real-time scheduling model. This is a research team and will provide paradigm shifting solutions to the product team. So creativity and an ability to evaluate many ideas rapidly is a requirement.


  • A top graduate student with deep experience in real-time scheduling from a top tier university.
  • Strong ability to quickly internalize research and industry trends in the area of real-time scheduling and stochastic processes.
  • Capability for lateral and cross-disciplinary thinking; propensity for ‘first-principle' approach to problem statement and solving; comfortable in venture beyond comfort zones
  • Excellent communications and inter-personal skills to support outreach/advocating activities and lead interactive discussions on complex topics
  • Hands-on experience in architecting and implementing solutions for real-time heterogeneous systems.
  • Must have authorization to work in US.
Job Type Internship