Williamsburg, VA
Job Description


Provide support to all Foundation operations as called upon, and when recognized as necessary, in the most appropriate, direct, cost effective, and timely manner without limitations. Under the direct supervision of a skilled painter provide routine finishing skills for the alteration, construction, or repair of 18th century original and reconstructed buildings, support buildings, and building and landscape components. Maintain, preserve, and protect the physical assets of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation by performing painting, coating, wall paper and special finish work approved by the Foundation.


1. Properly prepare wood, masonry, plaster, metal and other interior/exterior surfaces by scraping and sanding to free those surfaces from defects and make ready for finish painting or coating.

2. Apply all types of paints, varnishes, stains, waxes, and other protective coatings to the prepared surface in a uniform finish, free from runs, sags, brush marks, cat faces, thin spots and shiny or skipped spots.

3. Work competently with brushes, sprayers, rollers, ladders, scaffolds, platforms and other specialized equipment.

4. Replace and glaze window panes.

5. Possess the ability to work independently or as a team member.

6. Interact with customers to ensure satisfaction with product work, cost, timeliness and quality of the job.

7. Identify and act on safety hazards within the Paint Shop and other areas throughout the Foundation.

8. Learn on-the-job from mentor(s).

9. Maintain standards of Hospitality and Courtesy at all times.

10. This position requires the availability to work nights, weekends or shift work as required by Foreman.

Job Requirements:


1. Completed a minimum of one year of college/trade school in a major related to the paint trade or similar field of study.

2. Must be working towards associates or above degree or certification in the paint trade or building preservation and maintenance

3. Must communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

4. Must be physically qualified to lift and carry 75 pounds and perform assigned tasks that require lifting,bending, stooping, and knelling, and working at heights above 30 feet.

5. Must be available for routine work scheduled on weekends, nights, and holidays.

6. Must produce quality work according to the standards of Colonial Williamsburg and the trade.

7. Must be able to distinguish colors.

8. Must use a brush, roller, and spray equipment.

9. Knowledge of different types of paint, varnishes, stains and other finishes.

Job Type Internship