Teacher - Instructional Technology Media Teacher [0.8FTE], Gr. 9-12 (SEI Endorsement Required) (SY19-20)
Boston, MA
Job Description Margarita Muniz Academy
Reports to: Headmaster
Job Description: Instructional Technology Media Teacher - .8 position / Job Posting 52216

As the district's first dual language high school, Margarita Muniz Academy will offer Boston's bilingual and ELL students a holistic college preparatory education modeled on the successes of the Rafael Hernandez School and other high performing district, pilot, and charter schools. By September 2015, Muniz Academy will have a maximum enrollment of 320 students, offering graduates of Boston's public bilingual middle schools a continued dual language pathway.

Classes in the school's college preparatory Expeditionary Learning (EL) program will be standards based and taught in both Spanish and English, creating a pathway aligned with the feeder schools. Margarita Muniz Academy intends to embed arts deeply into the curriculum through programs such as the El Sistema Orchestra Program. The curriculum's emphasis of culturally relevant learning expeditions will help students develop as inquisitive and responsible learners. The school's curriculum and culture will be shaped by the expectation that every student will graduate with the 21 st century skills necessary to succeed in higher education and beyond. As such, the school will invest heavily in innovative technology to enhance student learning, allowing for increased differentiation, multi-modal learning opportunities, enhanced assessment practices, and self-guided explorations. All students will graduate having demonstrated proficiency in courses, state standardized exams, and the AP Spanish or Boston University Interpreter Exam.

As an Innovation School, Margarita Muniz Academy will have the autonomy and flexibility to rethink the typical school day in order to offer an extended school day and year for students, additional planning time for teachers, and increased professional development opportunities. The school's annual calendar will include a two-week required summer induction program for all incoming students geared towards skill development and cultural immersion. The regular school day will run from 8:30am-3:30pm with the after-school program starting at 3:35pm. The school will rethink the use of time and space, allowing for multiple hour classes, afternoon fieldwork, and self-guided learning investigations. During the afternoon Studio Session students will embark on a wide range of untraditional learning opportunities on and off-campus, including internships, college courses, and the El Sistema Orchestral program.

The school year for students will be similar to the Boston Public Schools, but the actual school calendar may differ in terms of professional days for teachers and other aspects. All students will be members of a Crew (advisory group) and most faculty will serve as Crew Leaders (advisors). (Crew is a small group of students who come together periodically to provide academic, social and emotional support to all students.)

Students are assessed through a variety of measures: Traditional tests, performances, exhibitions, and portfolios. More comprehensive material about the approach to teaching and learning is available upon request, as well as on the website.

Work Schedule
Monday to Thursday 10:25 to 3:30
Fridays 8:25 to 3:00

School Calendar
Muniz Academy will follow the BPS 2019-20 school calendar including snow days. In addition, Muniz Academy staff participate in our 4 day professional development institute prior to the school year and our mid-year retreat on a selected Saturday in January, 2020.


Teach: Media Arts with a Focus on Language:
Develops and implements dual language best practices and strategies.
Teach media arts with a focus on language to 2 groups of 11 th grade students daily.
Participate with staff during professional development meetings in the creation of an integrated
interdisciplinary curriculum.
Integrate technology into the classroom as an instructional tool and for personal productivity.
Accept flexible assignments, such as team and interdisciplinary teaching, working with different age
groups and ability levels, etc.
Teach Advisory group of 8-12 students, providing advice, support and evaluation for assigned
Perform general administrative tasks to teaching and advising.

Coordinate Technology Media
Assists other staff in integration of technology as an instructional tool and for personal productivity.
Responsible for maintenance and troubleshooting of all hardware issues of laptops, servers,
printers, and all other technology in the building
Responsible for maintenance and troubleshooting of the follow software:
  • ARD
  • Tech Support reporting software
  • Operating system
  • All installed apps (Office, iWorks, iLife, etc.)
  • Peripheral apps (Smartboards, cameras, printers, projectors etc.)
Work with Headmaster to ensure laptops are well maintained and in working condition

Work with Headmaster to ensure the following is completed:
  • Laptops are assigned to all students
  • Laptops/Bags are all labeled
  • Inventory is maintained
  • Responsible for all account creation both on internal servers and repointing with BPS
  • Work with BPS on all technical matters
  • Responsible for all imaging of machines
  • Maintain inventory of tech supplies (toner, projector bulbs, power adapters, etc.)
  • Creation of master image for laptops
  • Coordinator of peripherals, such as cameras, mics, etc.
Equity and High Expectations:
Demonstrate a commitment to excellence, equity, and high expectations for all students with an emphasis on building on the strengths that students bring to the teaching/learning process.

Safe, Respectful, and Culturally Sensitive and Responsive Learning Communities:
Build and maintain safe, fair, and respectful learning environments that celebrate the diversity of the student population.
Demonstrate cultural proficiency and use effective and culturally relevant instructional practices.

Instructional Planning and Implementation:
Plan instruction and employ strategies that address the wide range of learning, behavioral, and
communication styles of the student population.
Plan and deliver daily lessons that are student-centered in an engaging workshop-based model.
Plan and deliver daily lessons with challenging content designing a curriculum that integrates the arts, technology as platforms for learning in a dual language context.
Plan curriculum units for the year using a thematic approach and learning expeditions to organizing content and learning opportunities.
Provide targeted support to students struggling with literacy skills in both languages as well as course and project assignments.
Integrate technology into the classroom as an instructional tool and for personal productivity.

Content Knowledge:
Have extensive knowledge of the content including, but not limited to, key concepts and facts, relevant research, methods of inquiry, and communication styles specific to the respective discipline(s).
Demonstrate understanding of standards-based education, including local and state content frameworks, and mandated district-wide curriculum for literacy, English Language Development, and English Language Arts.
Demonstrate an understanding and fluency with the Common Core Standards

Monitoring and Assessment of Progress:
Use a variety of assessment tools and strategies to gather data to monitor student mastery of instructional content, to improve instruction, and to assess the comparative performance of subgroups within the classroom.

Reflect on practice in collaboration with administrators and colleagues, monitor personal and
professional growth, and pursue professional development in needed areas.
Assumes teacher leadership roles that contribute to the community.
Attend weekly academic team meetings as scheduled.
Along with other academic faculty, participate in strategic planning and department management. Areas include but are not limited to assessment, recruitment and outreach, implementing technology, and student case management.
Participate in intensive professional development activities during the school year and after/before the academic year in order to increase skills as a teacher in a dual language program model serving a range of learners.
Participate in a two-day mid-year retreat to assess student progress, align curriculum, and engage in professional development activities.
Work for three days after the end of school year in June reviewing and evaluating year and completing activities.

Partnerships with Family and Community:
Initiate and maintain consistent communication and develop constructive partnerships with families--communicating about student progress and ways the families can support the student at home.
Arrange and attend evening meetings with families of students in Advisory Group (and other students as appropriate) as least twice a year, and be generally accessible to families.
Communicate regularly with parents/caregivers about student progress.
Initiate and maintain consistent communication and develop constructive partnerships with community members, and agencies, building on their strengths and recognizing them as co-
Work with university, college and community collaborators.


Experience teaching high school media arts
Possession of (or eligibility to receive) a Massachusetts preliminary license in either Fine Arts and / or Instructional Technology.
Proficient in Spanish.
Commitment to receive certification in special education.
Commitment to the arts as an important element in a complete education.
Commitment to cultural, ethnic and linguistic diversity as an element in complete education.
Demonstrated ability to raise student achievement in an urban secondary school setting.
Experience in preparing urban high school students for college and careers.
Clear understanding of and commitment to the principles and practices of the Expeditionary Learning model.
Experience and/or willingness to be trained in integrated or theme-based curriculum and performance, or portfolio-based assessment.
Ability to take on teacher leadership responsibilities that contribute the community as a whole.
Flexible working hours.
Hold a Bachelors Degree (copy of transcript required).
Ability to work within a complex bureaucracy.
Excellent communication skills.

Three years teaching experience, preferably in an urban high school setting.
Masters Degree or equivalent thereof.
English as a Second Language Certification or RETELL
Ability and/or certification to teach in multiple subject areas.
Special education or bilingual certification.
Fluency in languages in addition to English and Spanish.
Experience in the arts.
Interest or experience in more than one discipline.
Experience working with local cultural institutions.
Experience with new technology relating to arts and education.
Experience working in a heterogeneous classroom.
Experience with portfolio assessment.

To Apply: Send a resume & cover letter of recommendation directly to:
Dr. Dania Vazquez, Headmaster, Margarita Muniz Academy via email to dvazquez2@boston.k12.ma.us.
All applicants must apply on line at the Boston Public Schools website www.bostonpublicschools.org

Terms: BTU, Group I

Please refer to www.bostonpublicschools.org/ohc (under "Employee Benefits and Policies") for more information on salary and compensation. Salaries are listed by Unions and Grade/Step.

Next year, many BPS schools will have a longer school day through the "Schedule A" Extended Learning Time (ELT) agreement. To learn more about ELT at BPS and whether or not this school is a "Schedule A" ELT school, check here: bostonpublicschools.org/elt.

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Job Type Full-time