Hospice Aide / CNA
San Antonio, TX
Job Description


CNA / Hospice Aide

At CIMA Hospice, we have a unique opportunity to play a huge role in the growth of an entire home care industry. We're a part of a new enterprise joined by three market leaders to become one of the nation's largest home-based care providers. Here, each employee has the chance to make a real difference.

Who you are……

  • You are naturally compassionate and have the ability to empathize with the suffering of another human being.
  • You have the physical stamina to provide assistance and care for those who cannot do for themselves.
  • You demonstrate maturity, and possess the ability to deal effectively with the varying demands of patient care.

What you'll do…..

  • Provide a variety of services to hospice patients and their families, primarily in conjunction with or under the supervision of a registered nurse.
  • Assist with various personal care issues including changing bedding, changing clothing, bathing hospice patients and helping with hygienic routines such as brushing teeth, washing hair and keeping wounds and dressings cleaned.
  • Assist a patient's family members in caring for their terminally ill relative by instructing them on how to go about performing basic health-care routines.
  • When you work in direct contact with patients, your ability to be compassionate helps you understand the patient's condition and what you need to do to make the patient as comfortable as possible.


What your skills and qualifications are…..

  • High school graduate or GED
  • Current state certification as a nurse assistant is preferred
  • Must be able to read, write, and carry out directions.
  • Must have provided at least 24 consecutive months of compensated services as a home health or hospice aide or nursing assistant, or completion of an equivalent training program, which meets State and Joint Commission training requirements, prior to providing services.
  • Must complete on the job internship training with an assigned mentor utilizing agency specific competency modules. Employee will function under the supervision of a mentor until competency has been demonstrated in all appropriate areas.
  • Must have current CPR.
  • Must possess a motor vehicle in good working condition which is available during work hours, with current proof of insurance and a valid Texas driver's license.

This is the best time to join a growing home care industry and make a difference!
Job Type Part Time