Computational Materials Science Research Student
Los Alamos, NM
Job Description
Organization NameMST-8/Materials Science in Radiation and Dynamics Extremes

What You Will Do

Staff in the Materials Science in Radiation and Dynamics Extremes Group (MST-8) in the Materials Science and Technology Division of Los Alamos National Laboratory are seeking candidates for the Graduate Research Assistant Program in computational materials science research. The positions are in support of several research projects that address multi-scale problems relating to nuclear fuel systems, including oxide, metallic, and other non-oxide ceramics fuels as well as steel, zirconium, and silicon carbide cladding. Areas of particular interest within the group are:
  • Fuel performance model development using lower-length scale informed data to build mechanistic and predictive models for nuclear fuel;
  • Mesoscale model development related to fission gas behavior in fuel and sintering of ceramics;
  • Density functional theory studies of fundamental defect properties in metallic alloys and ceramics;
  • Thermodynamic assessment of complex environments;
  • Development of high-performance scientific software.
Depending on his/her expertise, the candidate will contribute to current work from the above topics, or on a broad range of research projects including the simulation of nuclear fuels and advanced reactor concepts from a materials standpoint.
Job Type Full-time