PCMHI Psychologist
Shreveport, LA
Job Description



    OBVAMC is seeking Psychologists for our co-located collaborative care (CCC) Primary Care-Mental Health Integration (PC-MHI) program. Provides functional assessment, triage, brief intervention, education and consultative services regarding a wide range of mental health and behavioral medicine concerns, on referral from primary care providers and allied PACT members. The PC-MHI provider uses population based practice management strategies and maintains competences in the following core domains.


    1. CCC PC-MHI Clinical Practice Management:

    • Conduct functional assessments, based on 30 minute appointments and will triage/refer to specialty care services as appropriate.;
    • Applies principals of population based care (defines role and identifies problems rapidly);
    • Uses brief assessments routinely (e.g., PHQ-9, PCL, AUDIT C, etc);
    • Initial consultation appointments are based on functional assessments and treatment focuses on functional outcomes;
    • Maintains daily open access slots;
    • Provides brief mental health and behavioral interventions (e.g., 1-5 sessions for broad range of concerns);
    • Uses time-limited, evidence-based interventions that are simple and concrete;
    • Uses self-management/home-based practice interventions;
    • Uses intermittent visit strategies and flexible patient contact strategies;
    • Triages appropriately and efficiently to specialty mental health services;
    • Provide behavioral medicine interventions;
    2. Documentation skills
    • Writes clear concise notes, generally ½-1 page long, with explicit impression, recommendations and plan for PCP use;
    • Notes document curbside consultation results;
    3. Consultation Skills
    • Consults with PCPs and other PACT team members about plan of care for patients;
    • Conducts effective curbside consultations;
    • Integrates within primary care team and works closely in collaboration with PACT team;
    • Attends PACT meetings and daily huddles;
    • Routinely provides feedback (verbal and/or written) to PCP and other PACT members same day as referral;
    • Uses warm-hand off strategy,;
    • Provides education to PACT on BH issues as well as consultation on tips for successful care management and patient facilitation, even when no direct patient contact.
    4. Administration
    • Serves on various committees or task forces, as endorsed by supervisors;
    • Participates in discipline-specific privileging, educational and peer review activities, in accord with discipline-specific and medical center policies;
    • Participates in support of OBVAMC and discipline-specific administrative and performance improvement activities
    5. Academic/Teaching/Training
    • Supervises students in accord with training program policies and accrediting agency requirements;
    • Provides staff and student didactic training and consultation as requested in content areas of scholarly and/or clinical expertise.
    6. Research / Program Evaluation
    • May participate in program evaluation and/or research activities.

    Work Schedule: Monday thru Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

    Job Type Full-time