Middle Office Analyst
Old Greenwich, CT
Job Description

The Middle Office is responsible for managing the liquidity of the Company's funds under management, and engages in repo financing in order to achieve the Company's desired leverage. It also works closely with each of the trading desks to make sure that all trades are booked properly, position and portfolio data is properly reported, and that PNL is computed correctly for each book. Additionally, the group is highly involved in new strategy and fund setup, the design and testing of changes and additions to Ellington's proprietary portfolio management system, and various ad-hoc reporting at the request of portfolio managers and investor relations. The position will be located at our headquarters in Old Greenwich, CT.

Responsibilities will include but not be limited to:

  • Assist in team response to daily flow of requests and inquiries from Portfolio Management and Risk Oversight
  • Assist in day to day repo financing and help plan strategic approach to the same
  • Assist in relationship management for prime brokerage and swap financing arrangements
  • Conduct cash reserve management
  • Perform counterparty exposure analysis and provide support to counterparty review committee
  • Design and code ad hoc and permanent reports and processes in Ellington's proprietary portfolio management system
  • Conduct initial analysis on trading activity to confirm accuracy and appropriateness
  • Assist in daily profit/loss and risk analysis

Desirable qualifications:

  • Undergraduate degree, with demonstrated academic excellence in quantitative coursework - December 2018 or May 2019 graduates preferred
  • Clear and organized habits of thought
  • Creative problem solver with a desire to apply that aptitude in a fast-paced and complicated environment
  • Ability to design and enact projects with minimal oversight
  • Extremely detailed oriented
  • Proficiency in Excel required; some familiarity with computer programming desired (SQL, Python, .Net, etc.)
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills

About Ellington

Ellington Management Group, LLC was founded in December 1994 and includes a family of registered investment advisers, (together "Ellington"). Ellington currently has over $6 billion of assets under management in hedge funds and similar accounts. Ellington's core strategies include its credit strategies, its prepayment and related relative value strategies, and its systematic strategies. Ellington is known for its highly analytical approach to portfolio construction and risk management, including extensive proprietary models that we believe provides us with a distinct competitive advantage over other market participants.

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Job Type Full-time