ACT Young Adult Psychiatrist
Philadelphia, PA
Job Description Position Summary

Community Treatment Teams is mandated to provide a comprehensive range of services that addresses the medical, psychological, social and legal needs of the consumer. Psychiatric Services represents a major component of CTT services as consumers are often at the highest level of need for Psychiatric assessment, intervention and support, due to their multiple symptoms, problems, and an extended history of failure to engage, participate and graduate from treatment or rehabilitation.

The ACT Young Adult Psychiatrist is a critical member of the team and devotes at least 32 hours per week to treatment and consultation services to the team. The psychiatrist serves as a consultant to the team and is assigned as the attending community psychiatrist to the team's participants who have histories of frequent CRC and acute psych service use. As a consultant, the psychiatrist is available to all staff, participants and families to offer valuable information and training on the course of illness and treatment, treatment options, primary effects and side effects of medications and other medical complications. The psychiatrist is conversant in the best practices in relation to each disorder that the participant is experiencing in their area of training, and collaborates with other medical providers regarding the participant; including when hospitalized in medical and acute settings. The psychiatrist reviews the participant's psychiatric and medical needs to successfully live in the community and either directly or through team members, offers and encourages the participant to utilize available services at the level the participant will accept them. The psychiatrist participates in case conferences, team meetings, Individual Treatment Team planning meetings, Clinical Care, family, Quality Assurance, Peer Review and management meetings.

In the absence of a primary psychiatrist for a CTT Blended Enhanced team, the Extended Care Team Psychiatrist can be assigned as the primary psychiatrist to designated participants but can spend no more than 5.5 hours per week in provision of psychiatric assessment, psychopharmacology, psychotherapy and emergency psychiatric evaluations. Psychiatric assessments for ACT and BE participants are done on an initial (CBE), annual, emergency and ongoing basis.

Psychiatric services to participants are provided in the office and in the community including aggressive outreach to meet the participant in his/her environment.

Duties and Responsibilities

Functions as a Member of and Psychiatric Consultant to the ACT or BE Team:

Meets daily with ACT team and at least weekly with BE team to review and direct staffs' response to participant psychiatric or medical emergencies, emerging problems and ongoing treatment and rehabilitation.
Provides information and education to staff, families and participant on the course of illness and treatment, treatment options, primary effects and side effects of medication and other medical complications.
Consults with staff of assigned team when specific team participants are in crisis and provides psychiatric and or medical direction.
Works in support and consults, as needed, with the participant's primary psychiatrist; if other than CTT.
Reviews participant's Initial and Annual Medical Exam. As circumstances present, identifies medical needs and either directly or through direction to team offers and encourages the participant to utilize needed services at the level that services are available and the participant will accept.
Engages in community networking to identify community resources that benefit ACT and BE participants.
Serves as psychiatric consultant on the agency's Clinical Care Team and other forums as requested.
Provides aggressive outreach to the participant in the community to ensure overall well-being.
Facilitates continuity of care, i.e., initiates contact and collaborates with counterparts and other responsible staff at community acute hospitals who provide care to ACT or BE participants.
Requests and reviews findings of laboratory work. Follow-up as needed.
Functions as the Primary Community Psychiatrist for Assigned ACT and BE Participants:

Completes an Initial Psychiatric Evaluation (CBE), Annual Psychiatric Review, Physician Orders, Progress Notes and other documentation as required or needed.
Reviews hospital treatment records and reports and adjusts CTT services based on any new information.
Assesses the participant for benefits of medication intervention and provides medication monitoring and assessment.
Gives input, reviews and signs the participant's Comprehensive Service Plan, as needed.

Other Major Duties:
Acts as the Community Psychiatrist to assigned ACT and BE participants and in place of the participant's assigned Psychiatrist if he/she is not available.
Completes emergency psychiatric evaluations of ACT and BE participants; as needed or requested.
As needed or upon request, participates in case conferences, team, Clinical Care, family, Quality Assurance, Peer Review and management meetings.
Provides psychiatric in-service and out-service seminars.
Provides rotational on-call service as psychiatric member of the On-Call Team.
Performs other duties as needed or assigned.
Skills Required

Communicate effectively, verbally and writing legibly.
Have good problem solving, analytical, negotiating and clinical skills.
Ability to interact with diverse individuals and groups.
Provide treatment that is relevant to participant's culture, capabilities and clinical need.
Have the ability to work independently and as part of a team.
Must be flexible, creative and adaptive in handling changing priorities in a fast paced work environment.
Must be able to operate office equipment (telephone, computer, copy and fax machine).
Valid driver's license and use of personnel licensed and insured vehicle during work hours.
Psychiatric theory and practice and related application in providing psychiatric rehabilitation and treatment to consumers receiving case management services.
Current developments in field of community psychiatry for participants with persistent and serious psychiatric problems and possibly co-occurring problems of D&A, Forensic, ID and/or Geriatric.
Laws and regulations governing psychiatric practices.
Medical, social service and administrative functions, pertaining to psychiatric services provided within a case management setting.
Education and Experience

M.D. or D.O. degree from an accredited school of medicine or osteopathy in the U.S. or have a valid M.D. from a foreign school of medicine and have passed the ECFMG exam.
Experience in psychiatric assessment of individuals in or with forensic histories for risk and treatment recommendations.
Have completed an internship (or PGY 1 training) from an accredited graduate medical education program recognized by AMA (LCME) or AOA.

Have a valid and current PA. Medical license for the practice of adult psychiatry.
Have completed a psychiatric residency in an accredited residency program and be board certified or eligible in Adult Psychiatry by American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.
Have a valid DEA certificate number.
Have clearance through National Practitioner Data Bank.
Not precluded from participating in PA Medical Assistance Program.
Physical Demands

Must be able to sit for two (2) hours.
When appropriate, able to lift 20lbs and able to bend and climb stairs.
Able to drive a vehicle.
Ability to physically perform the duties and work in the environmental conditions required of a position in this class.
Equal Opportunity Employment

PMHCC, Inc. is committed to equal opportunity. It is our policy to support equal employment for all employees and applicants without regard to race, religion, color, sex, sexual preferences, age, national origin, disability, behavioral health status, military status or any other characteristic protected by law.
Job Type Full-time