Performance Specialist Intern
Chicago, IL
Job Description As an intern you will be tasked with completing our internship curriculum during your term with us. Responsibilities will include: assisting trainers with their client sessions, assisting facility manager with maintaining an organized training floor, and completing assignments in a timely manner. You must provide your own transportation and be on time to every shift. You will be expected to greet clients by name and provide excellent customer service to our client base. Participating in one of our group/semi-private sessions per week is mandatory for all interns (except for those with extenuating circumstances). Bringing a note pad (tablet is fine as well) to every shift is a must. You will be expected to take notes and provide a weekly summary of what you've learned. Depending on what time your shift will be; you will also be expected to learn opening/closing procedures.

This internship is ideal for those seeking a career in personal training or strength & conditioning. By experiencing what it's like to work with clients in a private and semi-private setting, interns will gain valuable experience in client relations, fitness assessment, and program design. In addition to day to day tasks, assignments given to interns are designed to help them develop critical thinking skills in real world situations.

Applicant requirements:
Enrolled in Kinesiology program or equivalent Bachelor's degree
Athletic background is preferable
Flexible schedule
Strong communication and relationship building skills
Reliable transportation
Ability to follow directions

Job Requirements:
15-20 hours/week (also dependent on degree program requirements)
Attend staff meetings
Shadow staff members during training/treatment of clients and patients
Assist with maintenance of facility
Complete weekly curriculum reading/assignments

Do not apply if:
You are not interested in personal training
You are not a morning person
You do not participate in any regular physical activity
You do not meet any of the applicant requirements listed above
To apply email
Job Type Internship