Equipment Technical Assistant
Los Angeles, CA
Job Description

New York Film Academy, Los Angeles, California

The New York Film Academy was founded in 1992 on the belief that a top-quality education in filmmaking should be accessible to anyone with the drive and ambition to make films. The school opened at Robert De Niro’s Tribeca Film Center in New York City, and has expanded worldwide to include campuses in New York; Los Angeles; Miami; Sydney, and Gold Coast, Australia.

The mission of the New York Film Academy is to educate students interested in the field of visual storytelling. NYFA courses have been designed to increase students’ creativity and technical expertise through an intense regimen of hands-on and classroom instruction. The Academy’s goal is to enrich its students as visual storytellers by helping them realize their personal artistic visions. NYFA’s expectations center on the growth of each student as a creative individual.

In pursuit of its institutional mission and goals, the New York Film Academy adheres to the following core values. These core values inform the New York Film Academy’s decision-making processes, institutional policies, and commitment of institutional resources:

Student Success:

As a student-centered institution, the New York Film Academy recognizes that the success of its students is inseparable from and synonymous with the success of the college itself. The New York Film Academy strives for its students’ success as learners, professionals, and global citizens.

Integrity: The New York Film Academy expects its students, faculty, staff and administration to act with integrity, honesty, and the highest ethical standards.

Excellence: In every area, at every level, and among all stakeholders, the New York Film Academy strives for excellence. The institution sees as its main function to create an intellectual, physical, and social environment that promotes and supports excellence among its stakeholders and the community at large.

Global Reach: In an increasingly interconnected global society, the New York Film Academy is committed to graduating global citizens with the communication, collaboration, and critical skills necessary to address issues facing our modern world. To this end, the New York Film Academy seeks to offer programming to the widest possible array of global populations, with a physical presence in as many locations as possible while continuing to deliver visual storytelling education of the highest quality.

Consistent with the mission and educational objectives of NYFA, the focus of the Academy's programs is to develop each student's artistic and creative potential in the art and craft of visual storytelling. Students may pursue these academic and professional objectives in certificate-bearing, undergraduate, and graduate programs in Filmmaking, Acting for Film, Documentary Filmmaking, Producing, Cinematography, Screenwriting, Photography, Game Design, and 3-D Animation

The New York Film Academy is seeking Technical Advisors (TAs) for several part-time positions.

As a Technical Assistant for New York Film Academy your responsibilities would cover a wide range of duties including, but not limited to the following:

  • Assist instructors and students in classes and class shoots (either offsite or on campus) with film gear that could include: cameras (digital/film) sound, and grip
  • Provide tech support and industry knowledge to students and staff
  • To be able to drive up to 16 foot vehicles and properly pack and secure equipment
  • Oversee students and ensure their safety as well as the equipment
  • Crew on in class student shoots
  • Responsible for collecting media and drop off to appropriate departments
  • Be able to set up and breakdown during events, as well as filming
  • To be able to transport students and staff in passenger vans.
  • Support Facilities as well as other departments if needed

Experience, Education and Skills:

  • Certification and/or related degree in filmmaking
  • Great customer service
  • Ability to stay current in the film industry
  • A valid driver's license
  • Ability to use and maintain equipment including, but not limited to:
  • Grip and Electric equipment
  • Sound equipment for on set and field mixing
- Digital Cameras Cinema and DSLRS, Film - 16mm and 35mm cameras
  • Ability to lift 50-100 lbs., reach overhead and climb ladders

***This job REQUIRES some proficiency of camera (DSLR, RED, Film, OR Sound)***

Job Type Part Time