Job Description Title: Customer Service Attendant - Technician
Supervisor: Assistant Profit Center Manager
Department: As Assigned • Location: As Assigned
Provide accurate, efficient service to customers by troubleshooting, diagnosing, and repairing heavy duty trucks in a reasonable and responsible manner
Uniform & Appearance: Customer Service Attendant - Technician should adhere to the following personal appearance and uniform standards: Employees should be clean at all times. Hair must always be neatly groomed, clean and regularly washed. Hair must not be dyed unnatural colors. Hair styles that regularly get into the eyes should be avoided. Men may wear beards and mustaches if they are clean and well groomed. Be discreet and understated in the application of perfumes and makeup. Fingernails must be neatly trimmed and clean. May use clear nail polish only. Uniform should be clean, complete and without wrinkles, tears or cuts. Wear navy blue mechanic's rental uniforms with embroidered logo and name. Award and/or service pins may not be worn on this uniform. TA ball caps, bump caps or hard hats must be worn in the shop. Wear closed toe, oil resistant shoes with non-skid soles and all leather uppers. Socks must be worn and should be solid, dark color or white. Jewelry may not be worn. Sunglasses should never be worn at work. The Employee Appearance and Uniform Guidelines policy provides more detailed guidelines that must be adhered to.
Primary Duties: Position requirements fall into four major areas: People, Profit & Loss, Product Quality/Service and Personal Development. Employees achieve success in the position by effectively accomplishing the following responsibilities:
Knows and follows safety guidelines and is alert to and reports potentially unsafe situations caused by employees and customers. Continually monitors personal and other employees' behavior for unsafe practices and takes
corrective action when necessary. Operates all equipment properly and safely. Wears and uses protective equipment properly. Maintains company vehicles, shop and equipment properly in a safe working order, reporting all
hazards to the manager.
Displays enthusiasm for TA and our customers.
Trains in own position. Cross trains in other positions.
Maintains technical competence via schools, books and use of new equipment.
Helps other employees when needed.
Upholds company standards.
Notifies manager of positive and negative feedback from customers.
Suggests and supports innovative ideas.

Profit & Loss
Notifies the manager of changes to key competitors' fuel and non-fuel prices. Assists in taking inventory. Assists in counting, ordering, receiving and storing merchandise. Picks up parts when required. Follows all security guidelines and procedures. Is alert to possible shoplifters, walkouts and
Uses Retail Selling Skills and suggestive selling effectively.
Is accountable for cash received.

Product Quality/Service
Ensures QSC standards are met on the job. Shares responsibility for meeting all standards
during the shift. Participates in annual HAZWOPER training. Knows quantities and types of cleaning supplies used for each cleaning assignment. Follows the proper customer service sequence as outlined in the Operation Manuals. Knows
the importance of complete customer satisfaction and acts accordingly. Performs road service as required. Completes repairs within their capabilities and as written. Efficiently uses all shop equipment. Provides own hand tools. Has completed and practices the Extra MILE and BEAT the Heat skills with customers. Is knowledgeable about all other areas of the travel center and can guide customers to desired
Cleans all areas of the facility as outlined in the Operation Manuals. Maintains a "Strikingly
Clean" facility.

Personal Development
Works in conjunction with Assistant Profit Center Manager to identify personal development
targets. Takes steps to achieve personal development targets.

Performance Measurement: Progress will be measured through regular performance appraisals. The appraisal process includes being evaluated against TA shared objectives and other objectives agreed upon with your supervisor. Following is an overview of the TA shared objectives. The objectives are defined more fully in the Customer Service Attendant - Technician Key Performance Standards. Achieving success in each of the areas requires not only reaching the target, but effectively balancing all the requirements detailed in the Operation Manuals.
PEOPLE (20%)
Employee Safety: Measures the employee's adherence to safety regulations as well as his/her conscientiousness at identifying safety concerns and taking corrective action. Target: Safety targets established by HO Measurement Source: Safety incidents involving employees
Quality of Individual: Measures how successfully the employee completes training and applies training on the job, as well as how well they communicate with customers and their manager Target: Network targets Measurement Source: Training record; inspections
Administration: Measures how well the manager maintains proper documentation. Target: 100% compliance Measurement Source: Location/HO standards
Merchandising Quality of Effort: Measures how enthusiastically the employee participates in building the business. This includes use of selling skills, support of promotions, and maintenance of merchandise displays. Target: Sales targets Measurement Source: Location Profit & Loss Statement
Shortage Control: Measures how effectively the Customer Service Representative limits cash shortage and merchandise shrinkage. Target: Sales targets Measurement Source: Expense control; shortage control; cash overages/underages
Customer Safety: Measures the emphasis on customer safety and the customer safety record. Target: Safety targets established by HO Measurement Source: Safety incidents involving customers
Service/Quality: Measures how fast, friendly, and accurately service is provided to each customer. Target: Targets developed by location management plan Measurement Source: Customer feedback; performance reviews
Customer Care (Atmosphere): Measures the quality of the customer's surroundings, as well as the employee's own dress and personal hygiene. Target: QSC; dress standards Measurement Source: Inspections; customer feedback; performance reviews; comment cards
Personal Development: Measure the progress toward achieving personal development targets identified to improve the employee's skills. Target: Targets Measurement Source: Performance reviews

Education and Experience Requirements:
  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Graduate of acceptable trade school or manufacturer's technical school, or previous mechanic experience as a mechanic via on-the-job training or apprenticeship programs.
  • Ability to maintain or expand professional knowledge via educational and training programs.
  • Satisfactory work record.
Able to work unsupervised.

Physical Requirements: Must be able to:
Lift and carry merchandise, supplies and equipment up to an approximate weight of 50 pounds and be able to maneuver items weighing 100 lbs. or more.
Frequently bend, stoop and reach in order to stock merchandise, service customers, reach safe drops, under and over counter supplies and goods, etc. Must be able to use arms above head/shoulder level.
Repairs company equipment and vehicles. Requires upper body flexibility and strength, and being able to bend down and work under trucks.
Climb a ladder or "step-up" to reach supplies stored in overhead areas.
Stand/walk for shifts up to eight hours (short breaks are provided throughout the shift).
Perform maintenance duties as required, i.e., cleaning windows, mopping floors, painting, cleaning restroom facilities, etc. Requires strength in upper extremities and torso to perform these physical tasks.
Aid and assist customers at finding and reaching desired products, when necessary - including providing special assistance to handicapped customers.
Perform the functions of a full service fuel attendant for handicapped customers at the self-service pump.
Reach out and bend to operate all safety equipment, i.e., emergency cut-off switch, fire extinguisher, etc.
Operate all shop equipment including wheel balancing, air conditioning test, lube and tire changing equipment, cleaning equipment, telephone, etc.
Read and write.
Communicate effectively with customers and employees.
Work alone and physically capable of summoning personal assistance during all medical emergencies.

Brand: Travel Centers of America

Address: 820 Happy Trails Ln Albert Lea, MN - 56007

Property Description: Trails Truck Service Center

Property Number: 3981
Job Type Full-time