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At Bon Appetit Management Company we are committed to two things, great food and outstanding service! At Bon Appetit, you won't find our managers referring to a corporate recipe book or our chefs microwaving the lunch special. We do not have standardized recipes or central commissaries, instead, our chefs and managers are expected to stay abreast of current culinary trends and bring cutting edge food into their cafes. We are a restaurant company that operates in contract food service. That means you will have the freedom to be creative, take risks, and truly shine. We are committed to our staff growing, trying new things, and learning all that they can. Our rapid growth and breadth of accounts translates into exciting opportunities for our people!


The primary responsibility of Mashgichim Supervisor is to ensure compliance with the certification requirements of the Community Kashrus Organization of Greater Philadelphia (aka Keystone-K), Rabbi Naftoli Eisemann Kashrus Administrator.


Mashgichim who wish to work at locations certified by the Community Kashrus Organization of Greater Philadelphia must be licensed by Community Kashrus. Licensing requires training as well as an interview with the Kashrus Administrator. Maintaining the license to serve as an Associate Mashgiach requires adherence to all policies of Community Kashrus as well as attendance at periodic meetings.

Mashgichim are required to:
  • Demonstrate integrity at all times
  • Observe Shabbat and Kashrut
  • Conduct themselves in accordance with Jewish Orthodox standards (as defined by the Keystone-K)
Basic Duties:

  • Inspect all incoming food deliveries for acceptable kosher certification.
  • Ensure all foods are properly stored to maintain separation of meat, dairy, and parve production.
  • Oversee food prep and serving to comply with kosher certification standards.
  • Maintain labeling and color coding to ensure utensils and equipment are properly identified and used in compliance with kosher certification standards.
  • Inspect specified vegetables for insect infestation in compliance with kosher certification standards.
  • Oversee customer dining areas to ensure kosher integrity of utensils and equipment.
  • Prepare equipment for proper usage during Sabbath and Holidays.
  • Ensure that all cooking is completed one half hour before Sundown on Friday, and all equipment properly adjusted for Sabbath service.
  • Relate to dining staff and clients in a respectful, courteous manner at all times.
  • Please note*** This position is a designated layoff position. Will work approximately 32 weeks per year.
  • Preferred Qualifications:

    Education : College Graduate or Currently Attending

    Experience :
    • Has a minimum level of experience or applicable culinary experience in a similar volume, quality, and food service establishment.
    • Possess general hospitality knowledge and interest in sustainability and sustainable food practices
    • Possess the ability to meet Bon Appetit unit specific uniform standards for this position.
    • Utilize all Personal Protective Equipment's per Bon Appetit guidelines.
    • Wear a cut resistance glove whenever using a sharp or potentially sharp tool or instrument.

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    Job Type Full-time