College Ambassador
Expires in: 2 years 9 months
Job Description We are seeking self-motivated and dedicated students to help us improve our social-education network and to make it work more effectively for all students in your college. The successful candidates will use our website to help and look for help in real academic life. They will also provide feedback to us, such as user-interface, design, content presentation, and overall experience in general.

Flexible hours. You can work from your computer anywhere anytime. You can work for 1 minute at a time, or continuously for an hour or more. You are not paid by the number of hours, but by your performance and the amount of work you put in.

Any major. Any class. Smart, responsible, self-motivated and well-connected. Passionate about networking with students in your college, other colleges, and high schools. Enthusiastic about giving and receiving help. Tutor experience will be a plus, but not essential.
Job Type Part Time