2017 Forest and Conservation Workers
Median Pay: US$26,190
Entry Level: High school diploma or equivalent
Forest and conservation workers measure and improve the quality of forests. Under the supervision of foresters and forest and conservation technicians, they develop, maintain, and protect forests.

Forest and conservation workers typically do the following:

  • Plant seedlings to reforest land
  • Clear away brush and debris from trails, roadsides, and camping areas
  • Count and measure trees during tree-measuring efforts
  • Select or cut trees according to markings, sizes, types, or grades
  • Spray trees with insecticides and fungicides to kill insects and protect the trees from disease
  • Identify and remove diseased or undesirable trees
  • Inject vegetation with insecticides and herbicides
  • Help prevent and suppress forest fires
  • Check equipment to ensure that it is operating properly

Forest and conservation workers are supervised by foresters and forest and conservation technicians, who direct their work and evaluate their progress.

Forest and conservation workers perform basic tasks to maintain and improve the quality of the forest. They use digging and planting tools to plant seedlings and power saws to cut down diseased trees.

Some forest workers work on tree farms or orchards, where they plant, cultivate, and harvest many different kinds of trees. Their duties vary with the type of farm and may include planting seedlings or spraying to control weed growth and insects.

Some forest and conservation workers work in forest nurseries, where they sort through tree seedlings, discarding the ones that do not meet standards. Others use hand tools or their hands to gather woodland products, such as decorative greenery, tree cones, bark, moss, and other wild plant life. Some may tap trees to make syrup or chemicals.

Forest and conservation workers who are employed by or under contract with state and local governments may clear brush and debris from trails, roads, roadsides, and camping areas. They may clean kitchens and restrooms at recreational facilities and campgrounds.

Workers with a fire protection background help to suppress forest fires. For example, they may construct firebreaks, which are gaps in vegetation that can help slow down or stop the progress of a fire. In addition, they may work with technicians to determine how quickly fires spread and how successful fire suppression activities were. For example, workers help count how many trees will be affected by a fire. They also sometimes respond to forest emergencies.

Intern (Horticulturalist Forestry Intern) - City of North Saint Paul

Type: Internship
Individuals who currently work from home, students, seasonal workers, interns, contract workers, or people looking to earn additional money on the side, on their lunch breaks, and on weekends can also make great pet care providers.Material Handlers while reporting to the manager or supervisor, will...
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Software Tester / Technical Analyst

Type: Full Time, Full Time Alumnus
Software Tester / Technical AnalystJoin an enthusiastic group of friendly people at an established small company in downtown Seattle. We use open source & proprietary software to solve spatial problems in a wide variety of fields, including telecommunications, retail, finance, marketing, health...
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Production Coordinator

Type: Full Time, Full Time Alumnus
Are you a hard-working individual, looking for the opportunity to carve out a successful career in an organization where the spirits of family and hard work share equal billing? If so, the companies of Universal may be a good place for you! We are committed to rewarding skill, perseverance and an...
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Type: Full Time, Full Time Alumnus
Join a progressive Teaching Health Center with Level 3 NCQA-Recognized Patient Centered Medical Home. As one of the original 11 Teaching Health Centers, our fully integrated family medicine residency provides inpatient, outpatient, and long term care as well as OB services and teaching...
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