2017 Biological Technicians
Median Pay: US$41,650
Entry Level: Bachelor's degree
Biological technicians help biological and medical scientists conduct laboratory tests and experiments.

Biological technicians typically do the following:

  • Set up, maintain, and clean laboratory instruments and equipment, such as microscopes, scales, and test tubes
  • Gather and prepare biological samples, such as blood, food, and bacteria cultures, for laboratory analysis
  • Conduct biological tests and experiments 
  • Document their work, including procedures, observations, and results
  • Analyze experimental data and interpret results
  • Write reports that summarize their findings

Most biological technicians work on teams. Biological technicians typically are responsible for doing scientific tests, experiments, and analyses under the supervision of biologists or other scientists who direct and evaluate their work. Biological technicians use traditional laboratory instruments, advanced robotics, and automated equipment to conduct experiments. They use specialized computer software to collect, analyze, and model experimental data. Some biological technicians collect samples in the field, so they may need certain skills, such as the ability to hike long distances over sometimes rugged terrain to collect water samples.

Biological technicians work in many research areas. They may assist medical researchers by helping to develop new medicines and treatments used to prevent, treat, or cure diseases.

Biological technicians working in a microbiological context, sometimes referred to as laboratory assistants, typically study living microbes and perform techniques specific to microbiology, such as growing cultures in petri dishes or staining specimens to aid in their identification.

Technicians working in biotechnology apply the knowledge and techniques they have gained from basic research to product development.  

Biological technicians also may work in private industry and assist in the study of a wide range of topics concerning mining and industrial production. They may test samples in environmental impact studies, or monitor production processes to help ensure that products are not contaminated.

Biological technicians working for the U.S. Department of Agriculture or other government agencies may perform biological testing to support agricultural research and wildlife and resource management goals.

Field Technician Intern

Type: Internship
The Field Technician Internship postion will work for an indicated duration and can be extended into a full-time position should supervisor deem to do so. Position is offered for qualified while they are attending College. Indidivual will be studying and working towards their BS in Industrial...
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Field and Laboratory Technician, Division of Biological Sciences

Type: Full Time, Full Time Alumnus
$15.40 an hourThe Division of Biological Sciences is seeking a Field and Laboratory Technician (Research Assistant III) to engage in a large, multi-institutional project focused on food web and ecosystem responses to multiple stressors (i.e., metals and nitrogen enrichment) in the Upper Clark Fork...
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Engineering Co-op/Intern (Fall 2019)

Type: Internship
Battelle is guided by a founding mission. We invest our knowledge, talents and resources, helping our customers achieve their most important goals. We apply scientific rigor and creativity, succeeding where others may fail and we invest in our communities, making the world better for generations to...
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Columbus, OH

Assistant Medical Examiner

Type: Full Time, Full Time Alumnus
IntroductionApplicants are encouraged to file immediately as this announcement may close at anytime, but not before 3/14/2019.APPOINTMENT TYPE: Permanent Exempt (PEX), this position is excluded by Charter from the competitive Civil Service examination and shall serve at the discretion of the...
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Veterinary Assistant

Type: Full Time, Full Time Alumnus
The Veterinary Assistant is responsible for various aspects of the patient care process. More typically, they will divide their time between assisting the receptionists, helping doctors with physical examinations, and helping veterinary technicians position patients for and process radiographs,...
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Type: Full Time, Full Time Alumnus
GENERAL SUMMARY OF DUTIES - The pharmacist processes medication orders; supervises pharmacy technician activities; oversees the distributions and procurement of biologicals and pharmaceuticals, including controlled substances; participates in the delivery of pharmaceutical care; and performs other...
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Research Engineer

Type: Full Time, Full Time Alumnus
/Overview:Will be responsible for design, fabrication, testing, and validation of research instruments and devices developed by the Vakoc research group in the Wellman Center for Photomedicine. Participate in teams creating novel technologies and devices for both clinical and biological...
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